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When Scotland Calls one must answer – Part 3 | Blog # 79

2:30 am again…..really. OK then into a somewhat grueling routine of early emailing, 5:00am workout, 6:00am brekky and onto Craigton ready for work at 7:00am.

With a hope to get the Canadian order knocked over by the end of the day we all got stuck in to what was now becoming a very well oiled production line. Getting a video of a calendar rolling through the line from start to finish was fun. The friendly banter and good natured jibes were almost endless as everyone seemed to be having a good time buying into the team atmosphere and a belief that we were making something really awesome.

Lunch time came around all too fast and it was time to head off to A.D. Rattray’s Scotch Whisky Experience in Ayrshire. Knowing that everything was in good hands I was still going to be back the following morning for any last minute finishing touches.

Finally the traditional Scottish weather kicked in as it absolutely threw down all the way out to Kirkoswald. Ducking inside as quickly as possible I was just in time for a lovely sandwich and a cup of tea before having a great meeting with Nick White the general manager of A.D. Rattray. With very fortuitous timing Tim Morrison and his son Andrew were also visiting from the US and it was great to catch up albeit briefly with such an industry legend.

With much needed whisky work out of the way and a showing of the Collector’s Edition to Tim and all the A.D. Rattray staff, it was time for some whisky. Nick pulled out all the stops and I had the absolute pleasure of trying some exceptional drams including a 50 year old Girvan Single Grain, a 20 Year old Macallan and a heavily sherried 1999 Tomintoul. I will do a more thorough tasting of each of these at a later date.

Kept to just a wee tiny sip of each with an hours drive back to Glasgow I was at least able to get enough to know that I would happily keep a bottle of each on the shelf. There is also the added benefit of a tiny wax dipped sample bottle of each that was specially prepared for me to bring back to Canada. A special thanks to Emily for putting them together.

No rest for the wicked and believe me when it comes to having whisky related fun there are none more wicked than yours truly. Back into Glasgow to hook up with Iain Croucher brand ambassador for A.D. Rattray. After fighting through some dire traffic Iain was able to get downtown and whisk me away for a quick pint and a dram before dinner. Mother India was the venue for some top quality Indian fusion. Absolutely fantastic if you love Indian food and a great place to just chat about all things whisky with a top bloke. With Iain on his way to Spain the following day and me hitting the jet lag wall we called a relatively early night.

Hoping for a wee sleep in before heading North to Dunblane for further Scottish adventures.


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