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Day 9 A.D. Rattray Glen Moray 2007 | Blog #98

What Now 64.8%??? This is for me the highest ABV for a Single Malt Scotch or any kind of Scotch for that matter that I have tried.  This was one tight barrel kept somewhere dark away from the angels.

Grab your Angel’s Share water dropper I think it will come in real handy in a few minutes.

Glen Moray Distillery Glen Moray Distillery

Glen Moray is a Speyside Distillery that after starting life as a brewery was converted into a distillery in 1897. With their focus on the Aberlour distillery Glen Moray was closed in 1910. It sat idle until the mid 1920’s when it was purchased by the Glenmorangie company. It was sold again in 2008 to France’s 2nd largest spirits company La Martiniquaise. They utilize most of the spirit for their Blend No. 5.

A.D. Rattray Glen Moray 2007 – 8 Year Old Single Malt Aged in a sherry butt and bottles at the cask strength of 64.8% ABV. Cask number 900029.

Colour:     A fair old impact of the cask here as it is really richly reddish gold after only 8 years.

Nose:     Go softly into the fray good people. 64.8 is there lurking in the shadows like a big cat poised for passing prey. Keeping my nose a safe distance from the rim of my Samaroli I get some amazing tropical fruits, Ripe sweet pan fried banana bunch with caramel sauce. Note I have had plenty of practice nosing from a distance and softly going in to unveil the hidden secrets that some cask strength whiskies take time to give up. For those of you new to cask strength just take it really slowly. This is after all something you should be taking time over when the kids are all in bed and you have some quality time. Going back to it there is also a spicy savory note here almost like grinding some fresh peppercorn medley with the tiniest pinch of chili flakes over the bananas.

Palate:    Ba Boom….. I was ready for it and it was still big. Definite sherry influence here with semi sweet dried fruit, burnt orange and blackberry tart. Can’t wait to water this and see what happens.

Finish:     Warming all the way down, tingly and massive as you would expect from a monster ABV. The savory pepper comes back at the death as the fruit takes a backseat.

Water:     Lightens up the nose and is more like candy bananas now with a ton more citrus on the palate and lingering seemingly longer. I actually liked the nose full strength better but have to admit that for sitting and sipping purposes that adding water just smoothes everything out and tames this wee beastie adding even some floral notes to intermingle at the end.

What an amazing experience having such a high ABV Scotch. This was added for impact folks and I’m sure it has fulfilled it’s purpose with impunity.

**My mate Joshua Hatton over at Jewmalt is blogging every day through the 2nd edition. Check out his take on the Glen Moray HERE

Buying a bottle of this is definitely a bottle and a half worth. You can grab one of the 60 bottles from these fine retailers:



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Well I can promise a very different tack tomorrow as we head back to that wee isle that so many love with another Samaroli offering.

Can’t wait…