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Singlemalting #225 – Deep in the Heart of Scotland Part 2 plus Whiskey Sour recipe

G’day whisky friends,

I hope your Summer is recharging your sunshine batteries and for those of us in Canada prepping us for the long dark of the coming Winter.

We have now uploaded a bunch more of our Whisky Hunt episodes from the trip to Scotland earlier this year in May. You can head over to our Youtube channel to check out the latest episode and catch up on anything you have missed.

This Summer I have been making a bunch of delicious drinks for my gorgeous wife Cindy and one of her favorites is a whisky sour.

Lets make a Whiskey Sour

Im going to share a couple of my recipe’s below so that you can enjoy one of these on your deck or patio before Summer is gone.

Secret Spirits Whisky Sour (Canadian version)

2oz of your favorite style of whisky. I have used Corn whiskey, Bourbon, Rye, Irish Single Grain Whiskey, Highland Scotch, Speyside Scotch and even Japanese Rice Whisky. The choice is yours and the flavor combinations are endless. Rule of thumb seems to be that the slightly lighter and sweeter styles of whisky work best.

2 oz of lemon juice – we use organic lemon juice in the bottle (yes we make a lot of whisky sours)

1.5 oz maple syrup – Have had amazing results with bourbon barrel aged maple syrup but they tend to be expensive and hard to find. We normally just go for Medium grade Amber organic maple syrup (in the big bottle of course… see above)

1 egg white – We have 2 chickens of our own that give us a decent number of eggs over the Summer and using these fresh in a cocktail is the best.

Add all ingredients including cracking the egg and draining only the egg white into a cocktail shaker (keep the yolk to add to your breakfast the next day)

Grab the other half of your Boston shaker and dry shake (no ice just yet) vigorously, to really get that magic happening with the foaming egg white.

Add a good amount of ice to the shaker and go hard again with a vigorous look at me i’m a bartender style of shake until you can feel the boston shaker cups icing up.

Grab your spring strainer and strain your whiskey sour into a goblet wine glass.

Add 5 or 6 drops of your favorite bitters (if you dont have anything fancy then just Angostura works well).

Using a toothpick draw a line down the middle of each dark drop of bitters and you have a bunch of hearts decorating your cocktail. Serve it up to your significant other and you have just won some major brownie points.

Until next time….dont forget how creative you can be with whisky/ey.



Singlemalting # 224 – Deep in the heart of Scotland Pt 1

G’day everyone,


A lot of you have already been following along with some of our adventures via Youtube as we upload a couple of video’s a week that really take you along with us this year. If you have missed out on any of the updates you can head to our Youtube channel here and start the journey.

After an amazing six weeks of our initial Indiegogo campaign we managed to secure enough capital to squeeze out 500 calendars this year. There are now just under half of them still available through Indiegogo On Demand here.

To make it all happen this year Cindy and I found ourselves in Scotland once again. This time around we started in London and then made our way to Bristol to meet up with a specialist project manager from the Dram Team who we know will make our lives a lot easier with their excellent attention to detail.

After a wonderful night in Bristol we headed to Ripon in Yorkshire. Claxton’s is a small independent bottler that has been around for about as long as Secret Spirits. It was great to get a referral to meet them and have some of their whiskies included this year. Stay tuned for some delicious drams in the 6th Edition from Tom and Hugo and the Claxton’s team.

Onto Sunny Scotland (and it was really sunny a lot while we were there), we spent a day driving North so that we could have a bit of a weekend off at the Cally Palace Hotel. A relaxing round of golf, wander through the beautiful gardens and a cold pint in the observatory was just what the doctor ordered to help us shake off the jet lag and fully embrace Scottish time. I was even lucky enough to stop by a local cricket ground during my round of golf and watch a couple of overs. Nothing like hearing bat on ball in such an idyllic setting. The flowers were blooming and Spring was in the air with everything a lush carpet of mottled greens, yellows and purples. The heavy scent in the air was invigorating, leaving us wanting to go back to Scotland in May again every year from now on.

What ended up being the best visit during our entire trip was the next stop in Creetown at Whiskybroker. We selected a bunch of whiskies for this edition all under the Secret Spirits label, gave tummy rubs to Rusty the German Shepherd and drank whisky out of barrels with Martin and his wife Jane.

Martin turned an old metal working factory in the deep South of Scotland into a thriving whisky business that houses 19,000 barrels. It has been fantastic for employment within the local community and over the years that I have been visiting has gone from strength to strength. Congratulations Martin on an amazing business.

Part 2 is going to see us head to Brig O doon, Glasgow, Bridge of Allan, Edinburgh and Kingsbarns.

Stay tuned for the next instalment.

Hope your Summer is warm and the drinks are cold.



Singlemalting # 196 – Magnificent Bastard? Why yes I am.

G’day everyone and welcome to the fun tale of my visit to meet Daniel and Rex of the Whiskey Tribe. I have had several trips to Texas this year as we at Secret Spirits continue to work hard to bring delicious adventures to deserving folk in the US. It was on one of these trips that I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the newly minted Crowded Barrel Distillery.  Getting a secret tour of The Vault up in the Wizards Academy tower and learning all about the Whiskey Tribe was an added bonus.

Wizards Tower

Firstly having seen a lot of their Whiskey Tribe videos I have to say that I really resonate with how much fun Daniel and Rex have in and around all forms of whisk(e)y. The world needs more fun and adventure and these guys offer it in spades.

View from the Wizards Tower

The Wizard Academy is a not for profit university style campus in Austin Texas and helps entepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to delve into the world of marketing and more. There is a wedding chapel that provides an amazing free space for couples from all over to tie the knot. Now a brand new distillery to help fuel Daniel and Rex’s passion for great whisk(e)y is up and running.

The attention to detail that Roy Williams the visionary behind this space has put into the campus experience is amazing. The amount of inspirational artwork and design are everywhere. My personal favorite is the hilt of a sword that perpetually points to the North Star at the top of the tower. You look up from a below sea level trench cut into the Texas bedrock that ties into the old man and the sea display behind you. This would be a fantastic place to learn while getting creative juices flowing.

Boys at the Fang & Feather opening day
Fang & Feather

Daniel escorted me through a tour of the tower where every different floor is a unique experience. The ultimate room however was the Whisk(e)y Vault. You gain entrance through a secret book case doorway and step into a world of whisky donation wonder. Every whisk(e)y in the room is sent to the vault by people from all over the world and Daniel and Rex work tirelessly to review every one of them.


I know how much time and energy is required to consistently keep putting good content out there and engage the whisky faithful that are always thirsty for more cool stuff. Well done Daniel and Rex you have created something very special that has enhanced the whisky experience for thousands. What a fantastic whisky achievement.

My wife Cindy and I checked out the Fang and Feather bar attached to the distillery to try the first bottling releases of Eleanor Bourbon that is only available on site. Next time I am in Texas I am going to have to grab one if there are any left as they were just getting the bottling going when we were there. It was the first official day that the distillery and bar was open so we felt very privileged to be able to share it all.

Eleanor Bourbon

This month (August 25th) they had their grand opening celebrations. Wish we could have been there for that as I know that great whisky flowed and a lot of fun likeminded magnificent bastards attended.

Daniel one Magnificent Bastard

To you Gentlemen may your MB Tribe grow in leaps and bounds.



Whisky Vault

Singlemalting 194# – Keeper Time

G’day everyone,

It has been an extremely eventful year thus far and overdue for me to ket the fingers flying on the keyboard for another Singlemalting Blog. Earlier this year I had the absolute honour to travel to Scotland and attend the Spring induction of the Keepers of the Quaich. If you are unfamiliar with this organization for Scotch Whisky you can read all about them on their website here.

After living my whisky passion that has been for the most part a Scotch Whisky Journey for the past 15 years it was thrilling to be included alongside so many incredible people. Everything from the walk up the red carpet surrounded by an honor guard and pipers to the swearing in ceremony, epic banquet and opportunity to talk whisky together was nothing short of mind blowing.

Even the whiskies on the table paired with dinner were extra special including a Single Cask bottling of Talisker especially for the Keepers of the Quaich that had me more than a few drams in by the end of the night.

My gorgeous wife Cindy has been a big part of my inspiration and journey into this fantastic world of whisky and I was so glad to have her alongside me for such a special moment.

Red Carpet Arrival

There are roughly only 2500 Keepers in the world and there are only 60 to 70 added each year shared between two ceremonies in the Spring and Fall. In this elite company of Scotch Whisky lovers are some absolute industry legends. As I sat listening to the achievements of the other Masters and new Keeper inductees I had to pinch myself that I was becoming part of it all.

From across the globe the 38 new keepers at my induction all had amazing stories to tell. Some working tirelessly for big brands, some breaking new markets, some like myself working with independents but all living and breathing the world of Scotch Whisky.

To my knowledge there are very few Keepers that are Canadian and even less that are Australian. I could probably safely bet that I might be the only Keeper that is both.

I have to say a massive thankyou to my nominator Stuart Nickerson of the Malt Whisky Company. Many of you have read my reviews of his whiskies over the years and having the chance to stay with Stuart and Wilma at their home was hospitality of the highest order. A special thankyou to Wilma who somehow even with a 30 minute roadblock managed to get us to the ball on time. The other industry legend that I must thank is Tim Morrison of A.D. Rattray and Clydeside Distillery who backed up Stuarts nomination by seconding it and endorsing my membership. I have been working with A.D. Rattray for over 15 years now and so it was very special for me to have Mr Morrison as part of this milestone.

Grinning Keeper

Thanks to everyone who has supported Cindy and I and Secret Spirits as we work to bring you amazing whiskies and our labor of love the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. Without you this would not have been possible.



Singlemalting # 193 – It’s fun to say Schnapps

Welcome back to the as promised review of something very interesting from the Yukon. While there last September I received a bottle of Concept 7 from Yukon Spirits and have been waiting till the deep of Winter to crack it open.

Yukon Spirits has been in operation since 2009 when a still was added to the Yukon Brewing facility that had been making outstanding beer since 1997. Their first whisky was launched under the Two Brewers label as a classic Single Malt.

Yukon Schnapps

The Concept 7 began as the Lead Dog Ale that is a rich malty beer that I have downed with vigor on my trips to the Yukon. Deciding to distill the Lead Dog and then age it in fresh oak barrels they came up with Concept 7. Classified as Schnapps here in Canada they could if they had been distilling in the US called this a whiskey as it is 42%.

Yukon Spirits Concept 7 Barrel Aged Schnapps – 42% and bottle 40 of 525 – tasted in a good old shot glass as most Schnapps is

Nose:  One could be forgiven if tasting this blind that they had a light rye whiskey in their glass. Some nutty spice and sweetness with treacle toffee notes.

Palate:   Warming spice (Winter special this one) that makes me wish I was on the hill skiing with this in my hip flask. Brief thought of rye whiskey does not follow through here with the spice taking a much sweeter turn. A real freshness about this that throws some lively stewed apple note complete with a sprinkling of fresh ground cinnamon.

Finish:   Surprisingly long and warming right to my core. The malty Ale really hits on the finish doffing it’s cap to the Lead Dog origins and I wish I had one here right now so I could do a cleansing chaser.

Delicious stuff this and was I surprised? Not even a little. When you start with good ingredients and keep that attention to detail then the result is bound to be awesome.

Everyone say Schnapps

I’ll be heading out and grabbing a 6 pack of Lead Dog and trying the chaser theory very soon.

Thank guys for sharing a rare bottle of this delicious dram with me. Looking forward to checking out whats happening at Yukon Spirits later this year on my next trip up North.

Concept 7 is not available in Alberta but I’m sure that Yukon Spirits would be happy to ship you a bottle if you dropped them a line.

For my next rant I’ll be off to Scotland for the annual pick the whisky tour. This time it’s culminating in a very prestigious honor that I have worked and waited a long time for.

Until then when all will be revealed have a good one and dram on.




Singlemalting # 166 – 4th time around

Another year quickly passed and I found myself back in Scotland again to help out with our mad production schedule for the 4th edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar.

I love being able to make last minute decisions and a cancelled New York trip due to potential Hurricane interference left me able to get on my bike and head to Scotland. Literally completing my Air Canada reservation by phone as I drove to the airport to just make my flight might be one of the crazier things I have done this year.

It is a privilege to be able to bring this Scotch Whisky journey to so many people each year and spending some time with the awesome team at Craigton Packaging makes it that much more fun.

Of course there was still some essential experiences that had to happen including an epic night at the Pot Still with my mate Stuart and a stroll along the Clyde in the fall Scotland sun.

Rainbow on the River
Got to do the Pot Still

Scotland is truly one of the most beautiful countries and I absolutely love getting the chance to go there as often as I do. We were really pressed for time to make the ship this year and the crew at Craigton put their foot down while being careful to detail to make sure that every calendar had all the goodies.

I managed to get a few videos of the action (or inaction when I was trying to video and label one handed)

Following a calendar down the line to was a fun way to see it all happen.

December 1st we get going with our 25 days of 4th edition blogging. This year for the first time our calendars are available in the US so we will be opening our community to a host of new members. I hope you enjoyed this little peak behind the scenes. A photo gallery is below for you to browse through at your leisure.

Every trip I see a different side of Scotland and these next two shots of the Clyde at dawn and my room at the Gleddoch Resort and Golf course make me eager to return.

Morning on the Clyde
Room with a view Gleddoch resort

So until next time enjoy the gallery below and see you all for December 1st and the start of another journey through the most diverse whisky landscape on earth.



Empty Boxes ready to be filled
Hand labelling
Spoiler alert that might be one of the whiskies
Lots of bottles
Lined up ready to roll
It seems like a lot of work
Christmas Day labeling with Embossed logo
Wax dipping by hand
Day 25
Unpacking and Stacking
In they come
Lets play pass the box
The Line
Insert whisky here
Barely a dent
Floor to ceiling calendars
Making a dent
Don’t look too closely
Panorama baby yeah
Check out my behind
Done and Dusted
Time for some shrink wrapping
On their way to Canada and the US
Job well done
I made this

Singlemalting – # 165 Busy as a Beaver

A second Great White North adventure to the Yukon was a must after the amazing time I had last year (read the blog here). This time around the focus was Whitehorse but I’m sure we will be back up in Dawson again at some point.
Pristine Echo lake
In a Yukon first some high ends Rums were the order of the day with a Rums Revenge tasting at the outstanding Woodcutters Blanket Cocktail and Whisky bar. Two sittings were needed to fit everyone in and provided an intimate atmosphere to really get our collective Rum geek on. James the owner who’s folks live in Calgary had already had a chance to try some of the rum with me a few weeks prior and so with his exceptional bar tender had come up with a couple of delicious cocktails. The first called Port of Saints included Walnut Bitters, Angostura bitters, Six Saints Rum and Warre’s Late Bottled Port along with a drunken cherry and lemon zest curl and spritz. This was paired with a Cuban pulled port slider with pineapple and spice that was gone within seconds of landing on the table in front of me. The second cocktail was a Saints Flip that tasted just like rum and nog with cinnamon dusting.

A Blanket of Rum
So we ran through 7 rums starting with the Six Saints and then moving onto the limited edition Santeria, West Indies Rum and Cane Merchants Central America, British West Indies, Belize XO and French Overseas before finishing with the Samaroli Fiji 2001.  With such a diverse range of flavors and some truly incredible Agricole expressions there was no doubt that we had many new Rum converts by the end of it all. Getting all Piratey and helping folk to get jazzed about Rum is just such a pleasure. Big Bear Donair the only place for late night fare in Whitehorse came to the rescue for the after party munchies and my Greek Donair was just the ticket.
Loved staying in Riverdale at the Vangorda Bed and Breakfast as it afforded me a decent walk along the river into Whitehorse. This is where I came across the evidence of a very busy colony of Beavers and one of the largest dams I have ever seen. Every morning there were a few more trees felled overnight and the size of the trunk was no deterrent to getting those teeth stuck in. I wish I could have sat on the bank at dusk and watched them swim back and forth but had to be content checking out the new work each morning instead.

Busy little Beavers
An invitation out to his home by a small lake by Peter Turner the president of the Yukon Chamber was very special as the Cedar plank Salmon and Rum by the fire pit completed a great Yukon evening. Apparently the Northern lights were supposed to be especially vivid but alas all we had was cloud cover.

Salmon with a view
The heel auction at the end of the night included the rums from the previous events and was a load of fun. We were able to raise a good amount of extra $$$ for the Chamber and make some people very happy to be taking away a special treat.
A visit to Yukon Brewing and Two Brewers Distillery was a real bonus. Sometime in the future watch for a review on the Single Cask Barrel Aged Schnapps that if it were bottled in the US could easily be classified as a whisky. I have tried Two Brewers whiskies on a few occasions and must get one for a review sometime soon as they are all delicious.

Beer and Whisky what could go wrong
Thanks Rachel for ferrying me around Whitehorse all week. I am really looking forward to getting back there again as it’s one of the highlight trips of the year for me.

Singlemalting # 164 – Whisky Bucket List – Jack Rose Saloon, check

I had been looking forward to heading to Washington DC for sometime and so it was with great excitement that I landed in Pennsylvania to be greeted by my fellow whisky enthusiast Jared from Impex beverages.

3 full on days of whisky accounts covering Delaware, Maryland and of course DC. Really the highlight of the trip was meeting the legendary Harvey of Jack Rose Saloon fame. Jared and I spent some time at Harvey’s home going over the new out turn of Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottling’s before heading to the Jack Rose Saloon. Harvey has had a life long passion for whisky and is one of the most avid collector’s of independent bottling that I have ever seen. More amazing whiskies than Harvey could drink in 10 lifetimes that takes up most of the available space in his home has given the Jack Rose Saloon an almost endless supply of exceptional single cask whiskies to draw from. After some really engaging discussion and quite a few drams of delicious warm up whisky it was time to head to where the action was. I have heard so much about Jack Rose Saloon and it did not disappoint in the slightest.

Singlemalting and Historic Harvey
Someone has too
Dram and Grain Speakeasy

Bar top to ceiling whisky bottles cover the walls and back bar. Harvey holds court at the bar at least twice a week where he passionately engages any whisky enthusiast that happens in. Getting downstairs into the Speakeasy (Dram and Grain) for a tour was fantastic, especially the selection of really old bottles that lines the shelf. Next time I am there this will be a must.

To get things rolling one really must have a cocktail or two, whisky based of course. The exceptional head bartender plied me with a couple of doozies that my darling wife would have absolutely adored. The appies were also amazing as was one of the last fresh oysters that I had to steal from Harvey (his favorite).

When it came time for whisky I just had to go with something American and tried the Willett Straight Rye Rare release. Oh yeah Rye goodness in a glass. We topped off the evening with a Tiki drink upstairs and a fantastic Hoya de Monterrey. The Jack Rose really has it all. If you love whisky and you ever travel to DC make it a priority. Say G’day to Harvey for me.

On the water in Baltimore the next day Jared and I tore it up with Halibut and Crab cakes, live prohibition era music, late night Pizza and a bunch of memorable beverages. I have to say that Jared was a spectacular host and I am really looking forward to my return trip to the mid Atlantic seaboard once I have had time to recover.

Trouble brewing in Baltimore
Dram and Grains old and delicious shelf

Next week we are heading back to the Yukon and a review on a particularly interesting spirit distilled by Two Brewers in Whitehorse.

The whisky fun never ends here at Singlemalting. I look forward to your company next time around.




Singlemalting Blog # 163 – San Fran Tiki

With all sorts of fun done and dusted in Texas and LA it was San Fran time which is a great city to visit. No rest for the wicked after getting to the hotel at around 11pm I was up and ready to rock at the JVS offices at 9:00am. Little did I know as I was handed off to Robert that I was about to spend the two most fun days of my trip.
I could talk about visiting accounts and eating delicious food but what really made this portion of the trip so amazing was getting into some serious Tiki culture. My first Tiki drink was at OLK and was dangerously delicious. Not long after we had some amazing Cuishe Mezcal. Cuishe is a rare wild agave and this one was distilled in a traditional clay pot still.
Cuishe Mezcal
It was also an opportunity to get to know Robert and also Mark who is an especially geeky Tiki and rum personality in San Francisco. After kicking the night off right at OLK we headed up the winding trail to Mark’s insanely cool home that has been decked out more impressively in Tiki decor than any bar I have visited ever. Everything from the lighted rows of collected Tiki mugs (714 apparently and counting) to the Bamboo bar and seafaring accessories like the cool shark head and Pirate Ship. Tiki goodness was everywhere and it would take several days of careful study to truly see everything.
I almost had to be torn away from checking out the Tiki stuff to head out on Mark’s patio where we worked our way through some epic rums followed by a schooling in the nuance of small batch family owned Mezcal from Robert. Wow what a night. The cigar from Mark was just perfect with the rums and the Mezcal was more than impressive. I will definitely be blogging more about this amazing spirit in future. As the fire sent sparks up into the clear dark California sky and I nosed and sipped at my glass of Mezcal I thought again about how amazingly lucky I am to be doing something that I love so much.
Day 2 dawned way too early and with nowhere near enough sleep and a possible slight dehydration problem I headed out again into the San Francisco market. i was excited about what was to come after being told that we would be ending our day at Smuggler’s Cove and some other amazing cocktail bars. Smuggler’s Cove is one of the world’s best Tiki bars and after your eyes adjust to the dark you begin to see all the cool nautical themed decor unfold. Mark held sway at the bar where he owns the legendary status of being one of the first to complete the Rum selection challenge. Seeing his face on a Rum bottle behind the bar speaks volumes about just how many rums Mark might have consumed over the years at Smuggler’s Cove.

Smuggler’s Cove San Francisco
Quickly upon arrival a fantastic Tiki cocktail was thrust into my hand and it was really delicious. These drinks are so yummy that it’s easy to forget that there is a serious amount of rum splashed in the mix. Mark has spread his love of Tiki to a lot of people and of course it was mandatory for me to purchase the Tiki cup that my drink came in to start my own Tiki journey. I plan on surprising my gorgeous wife with what I hope will be a worthy offering. I will need some supplies and a fresh orchid flower though if my drink is to even remotely rival the Smuggler’s Cove presentation.
I just had to try another and so completed the set with a Smuggler’s Cove Barrel that will be seeing a lot of use on the deck for the rest of this Summer. I finished off the night with their version of a Zombie which was just as delicious as the other two.
We put stops in at another couple of great Tiki and cocktail bars the names of which escape me as I write this (I’m sure you are not surprised). Doing a bit of research I see that we went to Pagan Idol among others.
This trip for me was one of the most fun I have had in a while. What a privilege to be introduced to real Tiki culture and to experience some of the best Mezcal on the planet. I certainly hope that all of my future trips to the US are this much fun. Thanks so much to Sam, Val, Robert and Mark for such great hospitality. Secret Spirits is in great hands so keep a look out for the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and Rums Revenge coming to a store near you.

Singlemalting Blog # 162 – That’s how we roll in LA ……

“All i want to do is have a little fun before I die”…….. After a great leg in Texas it was time for some California sunshine and amazing Los Angeles hospitality.
Having spent some time in this market in my previous life I felt another bout of  deja vu coming on as I got to visit some very familiar stores that I had not seen in over 7 years. Meeting up with Chris Uhde again was great and it was fantastic to see that he has carved a really great whisky legend story of his own in LA.
Day one and Im actually enjoying a rare day off on the road. Topping out at 35 degrees it was definitely a warm one but I was able to soak a little in the pool, get some laundry done (yep have to be fresh and clean to sell whisky), work out and of course get some serious walking in. I managed to find a closish cigar store and nabbed myself a 1992 Rocky Patel Vintage 10 Year aged Toro which was really really good. Days like this are rare on the road and was one to cherish. Had a very tasty pint or two (definitely two) at Gordon Biersch in Burbank just a short stroll from my hotel.
Gordon Biersch
Into work on Monday and I was lucky to spend a couple of amazing days on the road with Josh and Tim from JVS Imports and was really able to showcase Secret Spirits to a whole new market.
What we are really here to talk about however is whisky and/or whiskey and that is what topped off an amazing trip to this part of the US courtesy of Chris and his generosity. Chris graciously invited me back to his place to meet his wife and brand new edition (Chris was definitely a bit sleep deprived). It was my last stop before heading to the airport and if it were not for the flight I would have loved to stay a lot longer.
1917 now that’s an old bottle
First was a warm up dram of Ohishi Tokubetsu reserve that is 33% 27 year old sherry cask Rice whisky from Ohishi and has been brought up to strength with some book ended 7 and 11 year old. More about this amazing whisky and its origins in a future blog. Suffice to say that it was delicious and the balance of the more delicate flavors intermingling with the sherry was outstanding. The good news is that Ohishi will soon be available in Canada launching in Alberta in August.
Chieftains 40 Year Old Springbank was my Single Malt choice as the 2nd whisky coming in at a very healthy 54%. This was a really great older dram and I couldnt go past it even when the other two Single Malts on the table were a Murray McDavid Gold Series Macallan 25 and an Exclusive Malts 2001 Bowmore. Still feisty after 40 years I was excited that Chris put this on the table as I knew that it would be a special old bottling and it did not dissapoint.
Next up was a choice of some really old American whiskey and the bottle offered was filled in 1917 and was a Rye from Old Lewis Hunter. It’s a very rare treat indeed (as in first time ever) to try a whisky that was bottled 100 years ago. Rye was the dominant force yet it was really even on the palate and the half ounce that I poured myself took longer to finish than I had time for with my flight to San Francisco looming.
Something for the road that has become a favorite category for Chris was a 1912 Verdelho Madeira that I tasted blind and thought might be PX but not as sweet, Absolutely delicious and being a real fan of anything old and sticky I absolutely loved it. All of this was tasted beside a very famous LA delicacy called a Guava and Cheese Strudel from Porto’s bakery (yummy).
Porto’s a local legend
What a great send off before taking off for my San Francisco leg. Thanks so much to Josh, Tim and Chris for making me feel so at home and helping us spread the passion of Secret Spirits to LA ‘ers.
Next up half a week in SF finishes my trip to the West Coast.
Until then