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Singlemalting # 223 – The Secret Spirits Whisky Adventure Train

G’day everyone and welcome to another year of Secret Spirits whisky adventures. We are starting 2019 by doing something brand new and to be honest a touch crazy.

As many of you that have been following our journey know already, Cindy and I have really had some impressive hurdles that we have overcome to continue to craft each unique edition.

Taster and Keeper of Secrets sharing a dram

There is no doubt we really love putting all of this together for you every year because the amount of sleepless nights and cash flow crunches that we push through don’t deter us from doing it all over again. In fact it is the challenges that Cindy and I face together that make our lives even more rewarding.

2018 was a big learning experience for us and included finally fulfilling sales in the US and also working through a very difficult Amazon landscape to make our calendars available in the UK. We have realized that it is way more fun to really engage each and every one of you by using E-Commerce and building a fun community of whisky adventurers than to just have our calendars sitting on retail shelves.

This year we are doing everything through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. For 43 days we will have new weekly video content, a new weekly perk, weekly whisky tastings and of course your only way to access the 6th edition calendar.

Here is the Campaign Link – Indiegogo Campaign

I will be videoing a weekly vlog on the Secret Spirits whiskies that were bottled for the 5th edition calendar. Just a heads up as well on that front that they are being bottled in the next 3 to 4 weeks and we will have pricing and availability info for you soon.

Mystery packs of back edition bottles, campaign coins, whisky glasses, pins and more will be on offer throughout the campaign. There will always be something new to look at each week.

Campaign Coin Perk

I have to admit that this is an exciting but scary proposition for us. There is no doubt in our minds though that continuing to do more and more engaging and fun whisky adventuring that includes interacting with all of you on a regular basis is going to make the journey even more enjoyable.

One of the big changes we are making this year is that each of you that jump on the 6th Edition Whisky Train will have a say in the regions and Scotch Whiskies that we source for this edition. It will still fit into the framework we know works for the majority of whisky lovers but it will be an opportunity to perhaps focus more on styles and regions that people feel have been a touch underdone.

Something that we have not announced yet but will kick in a couple of weeks into the campaign is a referral competition captured by Indiegogo that will have some very sweet and valuable prizes attached. We will also have some secret perks that only campaign contributors will have access to.

So loads to see and do over the next 6 weeks and we hope that you can share this campaign with as many of your whisky loving friends as possible.