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Singlemalting #225 – Deep in the Heart of Scotland Part 2 plus Whiskey Sour recipe

G’day whisky friends,

I hope your Summer is recharging your sunshine batteries and for those of us in Canada prepping us for the long dark of the coming Winter.

We have now uploaded a bunch more of our Whisky Hunt episodes from the trip to Scotland earlier this year in May. You can head over to our Youtube channel to check out the latest episode and catch up on anything you have missed.

This Summer I have been making a bunch of delicious drinks for my gorgeous wife Cindy and one of her favorites is a whisky sour.

Lets make a Whiskey Sour

Im going to share a couple of my recipe’s below so that you can enjoy one of these on your deck or patio before Summer is gone.

Secret Spirits Whisky Sour (Canadian version)

2oz of your favorite style of whisky. I have used Corn whiskey, Bourbon, Rye, Irish Single Grain Whiskey, Highland Scotch, Speyside Scotch and even Japanese Rice Whisky. The choice is yours and the flavor combinations are endless. Rule of thumb seems to be that the slightly lighter and sweeter styles of whisky work best.

2 oz of lemon juice – we use organic lemon juice in the bottle (yes we make a lot of whisky sours)

1.5 oz maple syrup – Have had amazing results with bourbon barrel aged maple syrup but they tend to be expensive and hard to find. We normally just go for Medium grade Amber organic maple syrup (in the big bottle of course… see above)

1 egg white – We have 2 chickens of our own that give us a decent number of eggs over the Summer and using these fresh in a cocktail is the best.

Add all ingredients including cracking the egg and draining only the egg white into a cocktail shaker (keep the yolk to add to your breakfast the next day)

Grab the other half of your Boston shaker and dry shake (no ice just yet) vigorously, to really get that magic happening with the foaming egg white.

Add a good amount of ice to the shaker and go hard again with a vigorous look at me i’m a bartender style of shake until you can feel the boston shaker cups icing up.

Grab your spring strainer and strain your whiskey sour into a goblet wine glass.

Add 5 or 6 drops of your favorite bitters (if you dont have anything fancy then just Angostura works well).

Using a toothpick draw a line down the middle of each dark drop of bitters and you have a bunch of hearts decorating your cocktail. Serve it up to your significant other and you have just won some major brownie points.

Until next time….dont forget how creative you can be with whisky/ey.