Day 7 Samaroli 1997 Strathisla | Blog #96

Today we get to taste a seldom seen independent bottling of Strathisla. The oldest Continually operating distillery in Scotland having been founded in 1786, Strathisla is absolutely the picture postcard of what an old Scottish distillery looks like in your dreams.

Strathisla Distillery  Strathisla Distillery

 Gorgeous gardens and shingle topped pagoda chimney’s. Built of ancient Scottish stone and sporting an old water wheel it just does not get any prettier than this with flowing green mosses and cottage gardens.

Owned by Pernod Ricard the bulk of production sits on shelves as part of the Chivas Regal blends.

Samaroli 1997 Strathisla 18 Year Old. Bottled at 45% ABV Cask Number 47821

Samaroli 1997 Strathisla Whisky Samaroli 1997 Strathisla Whisky

Colour:     Signature light colour from the new oak here from Samaroli. Even I have to give it a double take knowing that it is 18 years old. It literally almost looks like untreated white oak.

Nose:    Delicate to the extreme, had to get my wine experience going and swirl this one a little. Croissant with honey and butter, orange blossom, grande marnier.

Palate:     Ok what the heck just happened here – The palate just explodes, which I was not ready for after the subdued and delicate nose. Orange just burst on the scene now and all of the candied variety. Tiny super ripe mandarin slices, Orange sherbet cones. Remember those tiny little candy ice cream cones with orange sherbet crusted marshmallow. I remember those now because the little cone was always full of sherbet so when you took that final bite you got an explosion of tangy orange. For the love of all things whisky Samaroli, seriously how have you been hiding this new oak aging thing for so long.


Finish:     Yep you guessed it more orangey goodness that just keeps on rolling and rolling with lifted orange blossom notes keeping it all light and beautiful.


I think I might have to make a trip to Strathisla on my next trip to Scotland.


**My friend and fellow blogger Joshua Hatton is blogging side by side with me this year as our special guest. Be sure to check out his take on the Samaroli Strathisla 1997 HERE.


On this day last year in the 1st Edition we tasted Wemyss The Hive 12 Year Old. Blog #39


For those of you that are like me and will be hunting down a bottle of this whisky there are only 30 bottles available from the following great retailers:



Zyn The Wine Market



Wine and Beyond

Vines at Riverbend


Tomorrow we are into another delicious dram from our friends at Wemyss Malts.

Well that was a great ending to our first full week of traveling the Scottish countryside. I hope you have enjoyed it so far.

Please remember to comment on your favorites or even your not so favorites. I love to engage with everyone and get your feedback so as we roll into our second week please feel free to take the time and let us know your thoughts.

See you on the morrow …




  1. Chad Yaeck says:

    Well time to chime in. I have been following along but have yet made the time to comment. Delighted to be back for the second year, thank you Cindy and Jonathan.
    I’m a big fan of this one, fav so far, although i spent a goodly amount of time with my nose in a glass of the Rattray Caol Ila.. Thank you Jonathan for expanding my appreciation of the peaty spectrum of whiskies.
    In the Strathisla i really enjoyed the easy nose and the jumping alive palate such a Jonathan described it.
    Love the picture of the distillery above. What am amazing place to be.

  2. obiscott says:

    "Catch up Sunday" – kind of like Super Bowl Sunday for the Advent Calendar types where I do my best to chip away at the backlog of fantastic whisky that I have missed opening while away.

    I do need to tread carefully as it is my daughters recital so if I were to get carried away I would be "that" parent giving their precious a standing ovation – likely in the middle of the piece.

    As for the whisky – really like it – grand marnier and christmas oranges I agree. I get butter too but I might be getting tricked but a wonderfully oily mouth feel – very very smooth.

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