Day 17 – A.D. Rattray Craigellachie 2008 | Blog #106

Last year we compared three different expressions of Glentauchers. One from each of the 3 independent bottlers. 

It was a great experience to see how unique each cask can be and the differences in each of them was remarkable. This edition we wanted to do the same thing but instead of 3 from the same distillery we decided to do 2 different expressions from 2 different distilleries. Today we head back to Craigellachie but this time from A.D. Rattray. Let’s see how different this is from the Wemyss Dark Treacle Fondant Craigellachie from day 8 Blog # 97.

A.D. Rattray Craigellachie 2008 – 6 Year Old Single Malt aged in a Sherry Butt cask # 900861 and bottled at the cask strength of 58%.

Colour:     Pale Gold – After only 6 years this colour is pretty much identical to the Benriach 19 year old that we tried yesterday.

Nose:     Soft chewy caramel squares right off the bat and in spades. This is like ripping off the top to the fresh caramel packet and sticking my nose right in there. Barley Sugar and fresh hay throw in to undercurrent the caramel.

Palate:     The caramel is there though softer than the nose. Balanced for 58% the sweet barley note hits a chord wrapped up in white chocolate and topped with macadamia pieces.

Finish:     Longer than I would have expected from such a young malt (the youngest in this years edition). More maturity here than I would have believed. Still some of that youthful sweet barley present throughout with the caramel softly ebbing and flowing through till the end.

We have certainly given you a lot of interesting sub 10 year old malts to look at this edition and for good reason. Younger whiskies are absolutely delicious and bring a youthful exuberance to the table especially when they are aged in really good barrels and bottled by top notch companies like A.D. Rattray, Samaroli and Malt Whisky Company.

I hope you have enjoyed the experience of all these different younger whiskies because it’s all over for this years edition. From here on in we are luxuriously entering into the spirit of Christmas with only 20 year old whiskies and above for the last 8 days.

Did I mention that I overspent on this years whiskies? All of you are now going to reap the benefits of my lack of self control 🙂

Goody goody goody (rubs hands together gleefully)

Ho Ho Ho ladies and gentlemen I usher you into a week of Wonder.

Joshua who is a lover of younger whiskies gives you his insights into the A.D. Rattray Craigellachie HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the A.D. Rattray Glentauchers 1996 18 Year Old. Blog #49

You can find the only 60 bottles of this caramel infused Craigellachie from the following retailers:


Coop Wine Spirits Beer

Point McKay Wine & Spirits

Zin The Wine Market


Wine and Beyond


Coop Wine and Spirits Saskatoon

See you tomorrow as we begin our 20+ year old countdown to Christmas

Can’t wait …


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