Day 14 – Samaroli by Samaroli 2008 Blended Malt | Blog #103

Another opportunity to see Samaroli in action with a carefully crafted blended malt. This time the distilleries in question are Glenallachie, Glentauchers and MacDuff.

Glenallachie Distillery  Glenallachie Distillery

Glenallachie was founded in 1967 so is a relatively young distillery and is owned by Chivas Brothers with most of it’s production heading to that famous blend. It uses lightly peated malt so it will be interesting to see if that comes through in the combination.

Glentauchers Distillery Glentauchers Distillery

Glentauchers much older, founded in 1897. Mothballed in 1985 it was sold to its current owners Allied in 1989. Rarely seen anywhere as a single malt we have been lucky enough to secure some for both calendar editions.

MacDuff Distillery MacDuff Distillery

MacDuff (Glen Deveron) – Founded in 1962 and owned now by Dewar’s & Sons finding its way into their blends. There are a few Glen Deveron proprietary labels around but none in Canada as yet.

Let’s get into some whisky then on this Monday of the last full week before Christmas.

Samaroli by Samaroli Blended Malt 2008 – 7 Year’s Old bottled at 43% ABV Glenallachie, Glentauchers and MacDuff. New American Oak cask numbers 901333, 900144, 900218. All Speyside Distilleries.

Colour:     As we are coming to expect from Samaroli given the lightly toasted new oak used for a lot of their aging it is extremely pale fresh white wine in colour.

Nose:     Youthful and fresh like a posy of Springs first wildflowers leading into granny’s peaches and cream pie. Iced Vovo (Australian Marshmallow Biscuit topped with coconut) without the raspberry jam.

Palate:     Soft and light Meyer lemon tart and fresh whipped cream.

Finish:     Warming and mouth filling more than I would have thought from 43%. The lightly toasted coconut still there with the marshmallow creaminess and sweet biscuit undertone. Super soft finish leaves my palate wanting more.

This is a decidedly dangerous dram as I could happily find myself really putting a dent in the bottle without even realizing it. Just delicious. I would use this as a pre-dinner aperitif for dinner party guests and I’m sure it would be welcomed by everyone. Interesting that I didn’t detect even the slightest hint of the Glenallachie soft peat but then I don’t know the percentages of the blend.

Whisky is so freaking cool……..

I am unashamedly in love with the amazing diversity and just flat out MEGA AWESOMENESS of this drink that we love.

There is absolutely something for every taste and occasion. Keep expanding your minds and palates and you will find that you fall more and more in love as I have done.


My mate Joshua Hatton has his interesting take on this Samaroli HERE

Last year on this day in the 1st Edition Calendar we tasted the A.D. Rattray 1988 Girvan 25 Year Old Check it out  here Blog #46

For those like me that love this pre-dinner dram from Samaroli head to these retailers to grab your one of only 30 bottles available:



Vine Styles

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine & Beyond

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Tomorrow we head to another unique style that always warrants a stop on our whisky tour and also takes us back to the Highlands.


See you all tomorrow.



  1. obiscott says:

    Hmmm this might be my least favourite so far. It is definitely interesting however the prime taste on my palate is off putting to me. Purely personal of course but I am struggling to get past it. it is crisp and clean for sure a very light mouth feel that I mostly enjoyl but then I get that "something" that just causes me to flinch a little. I get a sense of the fruitiness of Japanese sake which would typically be a good thing but in this case my brain can’t bring the two together. Maybe I am just struggling with an absence of peat or smoke…. where is my cigar!?

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      My cigars are locked away until well into Spring and I love sake and sushimi/suhi and we actually had a whisky in last years calendar that called to mind all that in the Samaroli 5 Year Old MacDuff really out of left field. Thats why I love whisky so much and work hard to help expand everyone beyond their "norm"

      So glad you are along for the ride and thanks so much for throwing in with your valued opinions.


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