Summer Time Favourite | Blog #19

G’day everyone,

Back in the saddle (Stampede finishes today) and on my own deck again looking at a bottle of one of my favorite Summer drams ever.

From a small and, until recently, relatively unknown distillery the Sullivan’s Cove Double Cask from Tasmania Distillery is the dram of choice for me on the deck.

Tasmania Distillery received the lofty accolade of the Worlds Best Whisky this year for their French Oak Single Cask bottling (rare as hens teeth but worth looking for).

Tasmania Distillery was our first foray into the world of spirits importing and we have spent a lot of time educating eager consumers about how good an Aussie Single Malt can be. Patrick has poured a ton of blood sweat and tears into the distillery which lies very unobtrusively in a little industrial park just outside of Hobart.

Tasmania Distillery is really a perfect example of working through tough challenges and limited market acceptance with a dream and a fire to make great whisky. Australia has not been a good whisky market traditionally. Times seem to be changing however, and the Tasmanian whisky scene has played a big part in raising the profile of good whisky to the Australian punters.

Hobart is a beautiful city and sitting down on the harbor with some outrageously good fish and chips and an ice cold Cascade … seems like a great place to set up a distillery.

The whisky in question today is the Double Cask. combining whisky that has been aged in American oak with whisky aged in French oak the two are married together and decanted down to 40% over two weeks to avoid the use of chill filtration. To see a 40% ABV without chill filtering is unusual and I can say that even though relatively stable, Sullivan’s Cove Double Cask, can get a touch cloudy especially when kicking around in the back of my car in the middle of Winter.

This is a sign of painstaking detail and craftsmanship that can only happen with small scale production such as that found at Tasmania Distillery.

So onto the whisky…

Here is a photo of my first effort freezing a Death Star Ice Cube (see blog #7) So this tasting is being done in a Spiegelau tumbler (only way I could fit the Death Star in there) and I am going for colder Summery goodness, so nose and palate will be a little restrained.

Super fun and with the temperature hitting close to 30 degrees Celsius this is perfect. Just like a balmy Tatooine Spring day.

Nose:  Soft sweet honey and floral notes with cooling air coming off the Death Star seems a bit wrong somehow.

Palate:  Light complexity and more sweetness with undertones of creamy vanilla. This is such a delicious dram. Perhaps hints of vacuum flowers should be detected in the floral mid palate, but unfortunately, they were dropped on the floor with no explanation as to their taste profile. (Obscure Star Wars reference … if you get it, I’m impressed!)

Finish: Long and complex with light layers of honeyed fruit, poached pear with vanilla ice cream.

Sullivan’s Cove Double cask definitely scratches my thirst quenching Summer dram itch.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy this for yourself before our fleeting Summer is gone.

Next week it’s time to talk ‘No-age statement’ whiskies as I was recently asked for my opinion on the topic by a good friend and fellow whisky nerd Curt at Allthings whisky.

Good opportunity to wade in officially through this blog.

Write in this week and tell me about your Summer favorites and if you can throw in an obscure Star Wars reference all the better.

Until next week may the force be with you!


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