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Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Singlemalting # 174 – Day 8 – 4th Edition SWAC – A.D. Rattray Fettercairn 11yo

Welcome to day 8 of the 4th edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. Today thanks to A.D. Rattray independent bottlers we get to try a distillery that is making it’s first appearance in any of our editions.

Situated in the Highlands under the Grampian foothills in the Howe of Mearns, Fettercairn is a distillery that was founded in 1824. It changed hands a few times firstly after the founder Alexander Ramsay lost his fortune and was forced to sell to the Gladstone family in 1829 and then finally becoming one of Whyte and Mackay’s many distilleries in 1973. Most of the production is used for Whyte and Mackay’s various blended Scotches but is also available in limited quantity under it’s own label.

Fettercairn Distillery

A.D. Rattray Fettercairn 11 yo aged in a Bourbon Barrel cask number 107725 and bottled at the cask strength of 53.2% distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2017.

Colour:    Light Gold (another lighter coloured whisky due to the American oak)

Nose:     Caramel Apples at the fair covered in coconut sprinkles.

Palate:    Granny smith and papaya (crazy combo) baked into a crumbly pie crust. Clean acidity adds to the apple and is why I think my palate went to the big green granny smith variety.

Finish:    The 53.2% dances on the tongue but doesn’t get in the way of the fruit driven apple that goes all the way to the finish and beyond. The tropical note I picked up earlier gives way right at the death.

A great example of a fruity Highland malt. I love this style of whisky and am so happy that we could scratch a mark against this distillery as an inclusion in one of our calendars.

In the third edition on this day we had the delicious Malt Whisky Company Glenrothes 8 yo that you can revisit here.

Don’t forget to head over to Scotch Trooper to catch the crazy antics of those little white guys today.

Tomorrow we will be heading back to Wemyss Malts for another upgraded expression of one of their classic drams.

If you are new to our Scotch Whisky Advent Calendars we hope you are enjoying the journey so far. We always save a lot of goodies for closer to Christmas so enjoy these early drams and don’t be tempted to unwrap the rest before their big day.

Looking forward to having your company tomorrow.

Stay dramming always







Day 23 – A.D. Rattray Bunnahabhain 1988 | Blog #112

Back to Islay today for one of my favorite Islay Distilleries. 

Bunnahabhain founded in 1881 it is now owned by the South African Distell group. Bunnahabhain boasts the more approachable Islay experience. Indeed it is a lot softer on the peat than the other distilleries on the island although in recent times there have been limited edition peatier expressions released.

Bunnahabhain Distilley Bunnahabhain Distilley

Just 8 miles from the the town of Port Askaig the Bunnahabhain distillery is near the northern tip of Islay looking out on the Isle of Jura.

This is the last whisky we will have in this years edition from A.D. Rattray and as the largest percentage of casks came from this great Independent bottler it is fitting to finish with something extra special.

A.D. Rattray Bunnahabhain 1988 27 Year Old – Aged in a sherry butt # 626 and bottled at the cask strength of 55.4% ABV.

Colour:     Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) hard wood complete with a reddish hue.

Nose:     This is just an incredible nose, Old leatherbound books in a mahogany chest, A big plate of Christmas pudding slices and gingerbread. Cavendish blend pipe tobacco. One of the most intriguing noses so far in this edition. I could just sit here and sniff this for ages.

Palate:     Warming Christmas spices and flaming brandy over Christmas pudding.

Finish:     Long and throat warming with ongoing waves of earthy sweet spices, the sherry makes a showing which it well should after 27 years.

Water:     Just had to see what a few drops would do given the unusually high ABV of 55.4% after 27 years. Opens to toffee and sticky dates on the nose with a burst of that old Cognac burnt orange character on the palate. Finishing with a healthy portion of brandy infused heavy cream to coat everything.

An old whisky just does not get any more Christmassy than this.

Joshua gives us his take on this big sherried Bunnahabhain HERE

Last year on this day in the 1st edition we had the Wemyss Ginger Spice Glenrothes 1988 in blog #55

If you like this Bunnahabhain as much as I do you can find one of only 48 bottles available from these retailers:


Crowfoot Wines and Spirits

Coop Wine Spirits Beer

Willow Park Wines and Spirits

J. Webb Wine Merchants

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine & Beyond

Mmmm … well I have to say that things are shaping up well for Christmas. I hope that most of your shopping is done and that you can share some special time with family and friends.

Tomorrow we head to a brand new distillery not yet represented in either edition. Wemyss have the honor of providing our Christmas Eve dram this year and I know that is going to be perfect for ushering in Christmas day.

Look forward to see you tomorrow …


Day 21 – A.D. Rattray Glentauchers 1992 | Blog #110

Today we revisit the focus of our comparison study in the 1st edition calendar. Glentauchers was close to being the favorite distillery last year and for good reason. All 3 expressions were really delicious and unique.

Glentauchers Distillery Glentauchers Distillery

Given the opportunity to do another single cask from this distillery was not to be passed up. Glentauchers was founded in 1897. Mothballed by United distillers in 1985 it was sold to Allied in 1989 and restarted malt production in 1991. In 2005 Pernod Ricard purchased it and almost 100% of it’s production now goes into the Chivas Brothers blends.

Normally extremely rare as a single cask bottling we have been lucky enough to find 4 casks in the past few years so hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

A.D. Rattray Glentauchers 1992 – 22 year old, aged in a Bourbon hogshead cask # 6042. Bottled at the ABV of 48.7%. Last year the A.D. Rattray Glentauchers was 18 years old and a sherry cask no doubt miles apart from the dram we are about to have.

Colour:     Still quite light for 22 years old perhaps the cask was a second fill. Pale gold.

Nose:     Ahh this promises to be right up my alley. A freshly opened tin of those icing sugar powdered fruit drops. Also some honey blossom and scented candle wax. This is delicate and takes some time. Nosing can sometimes be more than 50% of the whisky experience. White chocolate.

Palate:     Creamy white orange fudge, the cask strength is balanced as is, so no watering for me on this one. Amazing how often citrus is the dominant flavor in delicate whiskies. Especially with American Oak.

Finish:     Throat warming notes of subtle citrus while the creamy mouth feel continues. White chocolaty goodness there as well right to the end.

Yummy at cask strength. Feel free to write in with your watering notes as I unfortunately finished my bottle without adding a drop.

Last year on this day in the first edition we tasted the Wemyss Evergreen Forrest Cragganmore 23 Year Old. Blog #53

** Joshua Hatton give us his thoughts HERE

If you like this delicate Glentauchers then head over to these great retailers for one of only 60 bottles:


Coop Wine Spirits Beer

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine and Beyond

Vines of Riverbend

Everything Wine & More


Coop Wines and Spirits – Saskatoon

4 days to go and tomorrow we go back to one of our new Independent Bottlers for a whisky from an entirely as yet unvisited region – exciting times.

Within sight of some special times with family and friends. I love this time of year and can hardly wait.

I look forward to your company tomorrow.


Day 18 – A.D. Rattray Auchroisk 1993 | Blog #107

Right then we are into the business end of this years edition. Starting out our 8 day 20 year + countdown to Christmas.

Auchroisk Distillery Auchroisk Distillery

We kick it off with a distillery that has not been part of the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar before. Auchroisk (A-thrusk) is a Speyside Distillery founded in 1974 to produce whisky for the J&B blends. Proprietary bottling’s can be found from this distillery under “The Singleton” brand as Auchroisk was just deemed pretty much unpronounceable. Rarely seen as an indie bottling this is a treat to see what this Distillery can do in a single cask format.

A.D. Rattray Auchroisk 1993 22 Year Old Single Malt bottled at 52.6% and aged in an ex-bourbon hogshead # 2789.

Colour:     Polished 14k gold

Nose:       Milk chocolate coated marzipan, honeycomb & fresh cookie dough.

Palate:     Scottish Porridge complete with fresh cream, sultanas and dried apricot pieces topped off with a healthy dram.

Finish:     Turns back to the marzipan at the death with custard apple and still some dried fruit hanging on. the full cask strength sits nicely but it will be interesting to see what a drop or two does.

Water:     Softens more to white chocolate and stewed rather than dried fruit. Introduces a bit of Springs first freshly cut grass with dandelions right on the finish really interesting.

Not a distillery that I have had very often so was great to be offered it as one of the choices for this year. Independents are awesome at giving us snapshots of unique distilleries that we would never otherwise see.

Joshua as he has been doing everyday gives us his terrific insights HERE

Last year on this day in the 1st edition we tasted the Samaroli 1994 Braes O Glenlivet (Braeval) 19 Year Old. Blog #50

You can find this Auchroisk and one of the 60 bottles available from the following retailers:


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Andrew Hilton

Tomorrow we are in for a treat with another rarely seen distillery from the boys at Samaroli

See you all then…


Day 17 – A.D. Rattray Craigellachie 2008 | Blog #106

Last year we compared three different expressions of Glentauchers. One from each of the 3 independent bottlers. 

It was a great experience to see how unique each cask can be and the differences in each of them was remarkable. This edition we wanted to do the same thing but instead of 3 from the same distillery we decided to do 2 different expressions from 2 different distilleries. Today we head back to Craigellachie but this time from A.D. Rattray. Let’s see how different this is from the Wemyss Dark Treacle Fondant Craigellachie from day 8 Blog # 97.

A.D. Rattray Craigellachie 2008 – 6 Year Old Single Malt aged in a Sherry Butt cask # 900861 and bottled at the cask strength of 58%.

Colour:     Pale Gold – After only 6 years this colour is pretty much identical to the Benriach 19 year old that we tried yesterday.

Nose:     Soft chewy caramel squares right off the bat and in spades. This is like ripping off the top to the fresh caramel packet and sticking my nose right in there. Barley Sugar and fresh hay throw in to undercurrent the caramel.

Palate:     The caramel is there though softer than the nose. Balanced for 58% the sweet barley note hits a chord wrapped up in white chocolate and topped with macadamia pieces.

Finish:     Longer than I would have expected from such a young malt (the youngest in this years edition). More maturity here than I would have believed. Still some of that youthful sweet barley present throughout with the caramel softly ebbing and flowing through till the end.

We have certainly given you a lot of interesting sub 10 year old malts to look at this edition and for good reason. Younger whiskies are absolutely delicious and bring a youthful exuberance to the table especially when they are aged in really good barrels and bottled by top notch companies like A.D. Rattray, Samaroli and Malt Whisky Company.

I hope you have enjoyed the experience of all these different younger whiskies because it’s all over for this years edition. From here on in we are luxuriously entering into the spirit of Christmas with only 20 year old whiskies and above for the last 8 days.

Did I mention that I overspent on this years whiskies? All of you are now going to reap the benefits of my lack of self control 🙂

Goody goody goody (rubs hands together gleefully)

Ho Ho Ho ladies and gentlemen I usher you into a week of Wonder.

Joshua who is a lover of younger whiskies gives you his insights into the A.D. Rattray Craigellachie HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the A.D. Rattray Glentauchers 1996 18 Year Old. Blog #49

You can find the only 60 bottles of this caramel infused Craigellachie from the following retailers:


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Wine and Beyond


Coop Wine and Spirits Saskatoon

See you tomorrow as we begin our 20+ year old countdown to Christmas

Can’t wait …


Day 15 – A.D. Rattray Invergordon 1991 Single Grain | Blog #104

I love this stop on the Whisky Tour as I love older Single Grain whiskies and the “Lamington” Girvan from last year was one of my favorites of the 1st edition.

Today we head to the Highlands of Scotland to a distillery that was founded in 1959. Invergordon is currently the only Grain Distillery that is not in the Lowlands of Scotland. It is owned presently by Whyte & Mackay. Utilizing several Coffey Still’s Invergordon gets it water from Loch Glass and interestingly is not a member of the Scotch Whisky Association.

Invergordon Distillery Archives Invergordon Distillery Archives

For those unaware Single Malt is distilled in Copper Pot Stills whereas the Single Grain Coffey still that was invented by Aeneas Coffey in the mid 19th Century. Distilling continuously as opposed to single batches, Single Grain is made up of small amounts of malted barley with wheat, maize and potentially any other grains that the distiller can get their hands on.

A.D. Rattray invergordon 1991 24 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky – Bottled at 59.9% ABV and aged in an ex-bourbon hogshead barrel # 39033

Colour:       Dull Copper

Nose:     Vanilla icing atop tropical rum fruitcake.

Palate:     Coconut cream and ripe tropical guava and jack fruit slices topped with vanilla bean seeds.

Finish:     59.9% is certainly there and leaves a lovely tingle all the way down but I don’t feel the need to add water (but will just because). Plush creamy meringue and continuing tropics laden fruitiness drive this Single Grain all the way to the Bahama’s.

Older Single Grain always impresses me. It’s a pity that only the odd barrel seems to be released. I have however, seen a slow but sure resurgence in popularity for Single Grain. Hopefully that will mean more of these lovely expressions on shelves in the coming years.

Water:     Just to see what happens here I added 2 drops of water and was rewarded with even more fruit opening up and candied bitter orange marmalade making a showing on the finish.

Yummo (official Singlemalting tasting note of the highest order).

You can see Joshua Hatton’s take on our lone Single Grain offering in this edition HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the Samaroli 2009 MacDuff 5 Year Old in Blog #47

For those that love this Single Grain you can get one of only 60 bottles available from the following retailers:


Coop Wine, Spirits & Beer

Willow Park Wines and Spirits

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Chateau Louis Liquor

Wine and Beyond

Vines at Riverbend

Tomorrow back to Single Malt Land with a very fresh older whisky from Samaroli

Look forward to seeing you then.


Day 12 A.D. Rattray Bank Note 5yo | Blog #101

We are about half way through our journey together this year and it is time to insert our only trip to the Blended Scotch category this edition. Wanting to take you on a complete journey of the Scotch landscape means that we will always be stopping here once.

AD Rattray Whisky Experience Shop AD Rattray Whisky Experience Shop

Bank Note is a 5 Year Old blended Scotch made by Independent Bottlers A.D. Rattay. It boasts 40% Single Malt to 60% Single Grain ratio which is huge for a blend in this price category. While released for only the US market it has done so well that A.D. Rattray have played with it in a few other markets worldwide. The Single Malt component is blended from Speyside and Highland Distilleries with the Single Grain coming from Lowland Distilleries. Bank Note is a recreation of the brand as it was 100 years ago including the old style label.

This is one of the very few whiskies in this years edition that you will find on shelves for under $ 100 and an average price in Alberta would be around $ 40. When tasting this, think value.

A.D. Rattray Bank Note 5 Year Old Blended Scotch bottled at 43% ABV – 40% Single Malt 60% Single Grain.

AD Rattray Bank Note 5yo Whisky AD Rattray Bank Note 5yo Whisky

Colour:    Antique Gold

Nose:     Light honey, plums and nectarines. a bowl of cheerio’s brings out the cereal notes.

Palate:     Creamy nougat squares, white chocolate shavings and vanilla essence.

Finish:     Clean tangy citrus – lemon zest, caramel flan. Nothing unpleasant here or rough edges found in most blends at this price level.

A.D. Rattray have produced what many believe to be the best value blend in this price bracket period. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up this quality for the same price in the coming years. Available in the US as a 1 liter bottle for the staggering price of $ 19.99. Must be nice to have very little in the way of taxation on spirits down there.

For me this would be a perfect dram for whisky based cocktails and for guests looking for very soft approachable whisky to have on the rocks or with their favorite mixer.

Shows how yummy a good inexpensive blend can be. Please feel free to do a side by side tasting against others in this category like Johnnie Walker Red or Black, Chivas Regal, Dewars or any other sub $ 40 blend available.

You can find Joshua Hatton’s take on this A.D. Rattray blended Scotch HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the Samaroli Isle of Jura 17 Year Old in blog #44

For those of you looking for a bottle of this inexpensive Bank Note 5 yo you can find it at the following value conscious retailers:


Calgary Co-Op Wine Spirits Beer

Vine Arts

Point McKay Wine & Spirits

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine and Beyond


Co-op Saskatoon

Back to Single Malt land tomorrow with the only whisky from a new Independent Bottler to the calendar this year.


Day 9 A.D. Rattray Glen Moray 2007 | Blog #98

What Now 64.8%??? This is for me the highest ABV for a Single Malt Scotch or any kind of Scotch for that matter that I have tried.  This was one tight barrel kept somewhere dark away from the angels.

Grab your Angel’s Share water dropper I think it will come in real handy in a few minutes.

Glen Moray Distillery Glen Moray Distillery

Glen Moray is a Speyside Distillery that after starting life as a brewery was converted into a distillery in 1897. With their focus on the Aberlour distillery Glen Moray was closed in 1910. It sat idle until the mid 1920’s when it was purchased by the Glenmorangie company. It was sold again in 2008 to France’s 2nd largest spirits company La Martiniquaise. They utilize most of the spirit for their Blend No. 5.

A.D. Rattray Glen Moray 2007 – 8 Year Old Single Malt Aged in a sherry butt and bottles at the cask strength of 64.8% ABV. Cask number 900029.

Colour:     A fair old impact of the cask here as it is really richly reddish gold after only 8 years.

Nose:     Go softly into the fray good people. 64.8 is there lurking in the shadows like a big cat poised for passing prey. Keeping my nose a safe distance from the rim of my Samaroli I get some amazing tropical fruits, Ripe sweet pan fried banana bunch with caramel sauce. Note I have had plenty of practice nosing from a distance and softly going in to unveil the hidden secrets that some cask strength whiskies take time to give up. For those of you new to cask strength just take it really slowly. This is after all something you should be taking time over when the kids are all in bed and you have some quality time. Going back to it there is also a spicy savory note here almost like grinding some fresh peppercorn medley with the tiniest pinch of chili flakes over the bananas.

Palate:    Ba Boom….. I was ready for it and it was still big. Definite sherry influence here with semi sweet dried fruit, burnt orange and blackberry tart. Can’t wait to water this and see what happens.

Finish:     Warming all the way down, tingly and massive as you would expect from a monster ABV. The savory pepper comes back at the death as the fruit takes a backseat.

Water:     Lightens up the nose and is more like candy bananas now with a ton more citrus on the palate and lingering seemingly longer. I actually liked the nose full strength better but have to admit that for sitting and sipping purposes that adding water just smoothes everything out and tames this wee beastie adding even some floral notes to intermingle at the end.

What an amazing experience having such a high ABV Scotch. This was added for impact folks and I’m sure it has fulfilled it’s purpose with impunity.

**My mate Joshua Hatton over at Jewmalt is blogging every day through the 2nd edition. Check out his take on the Glen Moray HERE

Buying a bottle of this is definitely a bottle and a half worth. You can grab one of the 60 bottles from these fine retailers:



Co-Op Wine Spirits Beer

Zyn The Wine Market



Andrew Hilton



Wine and Beyond

Everything Wine and More


Last Year on this day we tasted the Samaroli 17 Year Old Glenfarclas in Blog #41


Well I can promise a very different tack tomorrow as we head back to that wee isle that so many love with another Samaroli offering.

Can’t wait…



Rocky Mountain High | Blog #84

What an awesome couple of days at the recent Calgary edition of the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine show.

With Brian from Whistling Andy on site we were locked and loaded with an array of delicious whisky and a couple of additional treats.

For those of you that have never been to this event it was held at Stampede over 2 days with 3 sessions for consumers to choose from. 4 till 10 on Friday the 16th and 12 till 4 and 6 till 10 on Saturday the 17th.

Always enjoyable for me, I love the interaction and to get a chance to basically rabbit on about my passion for hours on end with an endless array of interested whisky lovers making the pilgrimage to our booth.

Sporting the kilt and with the addition of the amazing Angel’s Share glassware we were definitely a draw card for the whisky faithful throughout the show.

Brian from Whistling Andy distillery in Bigfork Montana was awesome and one of the most passionate individuals you could ever meet when it comes to high quality small batch distilling. In a future blog we will be sure to interview Brian to try and give you some insight into their amazing family story. Brian was pouring their Straight Bourbon, Harvest Select Whiskey, Cucumber Gin and Hibiscus Coconut Rum.

Whistling Andy Whiskey, Gin, Rum and Moonshine Whistling Andy Whiskey, Gin, Rum and Moonshine

Also on offer was the 3 great Stalk and Barrel whiskies from Still Waters Distillery. Their 1+11 Canadian Blended Whisky, The Single Cask 100% Rye and the Single Cask Single Malt. From A.D Rattray we had the Stronachie 10, Stronachie 18 and Cask Islay. Last but definitely not least was the silky smooth Hyde 10 Year old Sherry Finished Single Malt.

On display and for sale at the Sobey’s on site store was the 2nd Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and as a teaser we also had the prototype Collector’s Edition which stopped passing festival goer’s in their tracks and really helped to keep us extremely busy the entire weekend.

I would highly recommend going to one of these events for a great night out and the opportunity to try some really amazing products that you might not otherwise ever have in your glass.

One of the topics of discussion was the $ 7000 bottle of Ledaig being poured which had people searching all over the show trying to find the booth and ante up for this rare taste.

For whisky lovers, the Gold Medal table was again at it with a huge array of whisky from Gordon & McPhail, Benromach, Kilchoman, Springbank and Tullibardine.

If you live in Edmonton there is still time to get your tickets for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Show on the 6th and 7th of November. I look forward to seeing you all there. Please come along and say hi and grab a taste of something you have never had before.

A big thanks to Mike, Cathy, Nicole and the rest of the team for putting on another professional show. Tired and extremely happy with the response it was really fun to enjoy one of Calgary’s must visit late night eating spots at UNA Pizza on 17th.

There is nothing better than that first cleansing pint after talking non stop for 8 hours. Add prosciutto pizza drizzled with truffle oil and arugula and an amazing glass of Blue Mountain Gamay and the night is perfect.

Thanks for all your support and for making this whisky journey that I am on so interesting.


When Scotland Calls one must answer – Part 3 | Blog # 79

2:30 am again…..really. OK then into a somewhat grueling routine of early emailing, 5:00am workout, 6:00am brekky and onto Craigton ready for work at 7:00am.

With a hope to get the Canadian order knocked over by the end of the day we all got stuck in to what was now becoming a very well oiled production line. Getting a video of a calendar rolling through the line from start to finish was fun. The friendly banter and good natured jibes were almost endless as everyone seemed to be having a good time buying into the team atmosphere and a belief that we were making something really awesome.

Lunch time came around all too fast and it was time to head off to A.D. Rattray’s Scotch Whisky Experience in Ayrshire. Knowing that everything was in good hands I was still going to be back the following morning for any last minute finishing touches.

Finally the traditional Scottish weather kicked in as it absolutely threw down all the way out to Kirkoswald. Ducking inside as quickly as possible I was just in time for a lovely sandwich and a cup of tea before having a great meeting with Nick White the general manager of A.D. Rattray. With very fortuitous timing Tim Morrison and his son Andrew were also visiting from the US and it was great to catch up albeit briefly with such an industry legend.

With much needed whisky work out of the way and a showing of the Collector’s Edition to Tim and all the A.D. Rattray staff, it was time for some whisky. Nick pulled out all the stops and I had the absolute pleasure of trying some exceptional drams including a 50 year old Girvan Single Grain, a 20 Year old Macallan and a heavily sherried 1999 Tomintoul. I will do a more thorough tasting of each of these at a later date.

Kept to just a wee tiny sip of each with an hours drive back to Glasgow I was at least able to get enough to know that I would happily keep a bottle of each on the shelf. There is also the added benefit of a tiny wax dipped sample bottle of each that was specially prepared for me to bring back to Canada. A special thanks to Emily for putting them together.

No rest for the wicked and believe me when it comes to having whisky related fun there are none more wicked than yours truly. Back into Glasgow to hook up with Iain Croucher brand ambassador for A.D. Rattray. After fighting through some dire traffic Iain was able to get downtown and whisk me away for a quick pint and a dram before dinner. Mother India was the venue for some top quality Indian fusion. Absolutely fantastic if you love Indian food and a great place to just chat about all things whisky with a top bloke. With Iain on his way to Spain the following day and me hitting the jet lag wall we called a relatively early night.

Hoping for a wee sleep in before heading North to Dunblane for further Scottish adventures.


The Craigton Packaging Plant and our little helpers … and tons of minis!