Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar 3rd Edition Day 4 Blog #137 – Lost Distillery Company Jericho

It’s a perfect snowy Sunday afternoon here in Calgary to take some time out for today’s dram. I must add a big welcome to The Lost Distillery company on their debut with their take on Jericho. A unique and enthralling story unravels as we delve into the ghostly past of a long dead distillery.

Jericho began production as a distillery in 1822 and was renamed Benachie in 1884. Unfortunately even with a certain degree of success the distillery was closed in 1913. Brian Woods and Scott Watson founded The Lost Distillery company as a means to turn their passion for the history of closed distilleries into a rebirth of forgotten drams.

Jericho Distillery
Jericho Distillery

To quote Scott Watson, co-founder of Crucial Drinks and The Lost Distillery Company “We’re obsessive about craft and uncompromising when it comes to whisky quality. Each resurrected brand is the subject of an in-depth research project to establish the original character of the long lost distilleries”.

They have an absolutely amazing in depth history of the distillery that you can read here.

As a secret bonus that we did not include on the label today’s dram is actually the Christmas Pudding edition of Jericho that was a limited release in 2015. Thanks guys for allowing us to take the last of it.

Lost Distilleries Company Jericho Christmas Pudding Blended Malt – Sherry Finish 46% ABV no chill filtration and natural color.


Color:   Not overly dark for a sherry finished whisky but certainly some tinges of red among the amber hues.

Nose:  Does certainly take me in a Christmas direction with cinnamon and rich glazed sultanas and orange peel.

Palate:  Much richer on the palate than the nose implies with a lovely Christmas Cake (the dark fruit laden kind) edge including the ever present marzipan icing. Rolls into some dark blackberry notes like an accompanying berry coulis. Softly sweet throughout over a base of heavier almost savory notes that only come through in sporadic bursts.

Finish:  Mouth watering with some drying citrus that immediately asks for more. I could happily drink this pre or post Christmas dinner or anytime for that matter.

The wonderful world of whisky is so much fun and to delve so deeply into the past and recreate as closely as possible the style of long departed distilleries is awesome. Thanks for all your attention to detail guys The Lost Distillery Company is a really cool edition to our Scotch Whisky Calendar landscape.

For those of you looking for your own bottle of Jericho please email me at and I’ll point you in the right direction.

On this day in the 2nd edition we had the excellent Velvet Fig from Wemyss Malts.

Please head on over to Whisky Lassie for her take on today’s dram here.

Blended malts as anyone that has read my past blogs knows are the decidedly delicious and mostly ignored category of Scotch that offers up so much for more often much less than you would pay for an equivalent Single Malt. Remember that Blended malts are made up of a combination of Single Malts the very same ingredient that is seen as the pinnacle of Scotch Whisky.

Tomorrow we head to the Highlands for an a-typical Highland dram that will make a lot of you very happy.


Jonathan – Taster of Secrets


  1. Chris says:

    Yesterday you commented on the merits of blended scotch – however there is one down side to some blends when compared to a single malt. Chiefly is the complexity of some of the blends to the point that individual notes and flavours struggle to shine from others.

    This scotch does not suffer from this problem one bit. The apple, plum, and cinimun all ring out clearly to me. There is that lingering bitters flavour on the finish which, I hope, are removed from the blend in the future. 3/5

  2. Scott says:

    Love this – maybe best so far. Sweet and gently lingering. I get nuts and spices but also a cream taste/texture. Very nice arrival.

    I think it is so cool that a company takes the time recreate a missing whisky from the past. Not sure how that is even possible but the result in this case are definitely a fine experience in my opinion.

    I appreciate the details and story that accompany the different drams – it adds a lot to the enjoyment.


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