Singlemalting Whisky Blog # 132 – “Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it” – Life of an Entrepreneur

Even if you are not an entrepreneur I’m sure that most of you having completed a task multiple times become a little more proficient at it. Putting better systems in place, designed from hard lessons learned, to deal with ongoing challenges, should make it a little easier each time.
Well reality it seems doesn’t seem to care about all that. We have without a doubt had the most difficult year to date to bring you the 3rd edition of the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. We started the whole process even earlier this time around just to be theoretically more ahead of the curve.

Finding 25 unique whiskies truly is a challenge and this year we have increased the number of independent bottlers to 10 (including Secret Spirits). This means that we now have 10 cute furry little kittens to herd into the box and if you have ever seen a litter of kittens you will know that this is no small feat. The template that has really worked for us showcasing a wide range of ages, regions and styles to take everyone on a Scotch whisky journey of discovery each year also makes the sourcing a real challenge. Casks tend to come on the market in batches. For example I can be inundated with offers for a certain distillery because a broker had a large parcel of casks. We wouldn’t be very excited about 25 expressions from the same distillery so we need to be picking the best examples we can find and keep looking for the variety we need. We are helped by the amazing independent bottlers we work with who try really hard to offer up their best whiskies from the regions I need.

Owning your own business as an entrepreneur has to be one of the most fulfilling and exciting things anyone can do in their lives. It really helps to be a positive personality because it seems that negative barbs can come from almost anywhere and truly test your resolve. I know I speak for most business owners when I say that high praise from 99% of your customers can sometimes be drowned out by a big negative from the 1%. There will always be people in your life who say it cannot be done and we have certainly had our fair share. This year we were finally able to put a past challenging chapter of our business lives behind us and be able to fully embrace how fantastic it has been to see our dreams become reality. It is so incredible for us to be able to bring you such a special product that impacts so many in ways that have at times brought us to tears.
We certainly heaped challenge upon challenge into this years mix by launching our new brand the Rum’s Revenge. More pieces to manufacture and 12 rums to source. Even getting hand made miniature Rum’s Revenge Pirate Ships in a bottle half way around the world and almost the same again before getting them onto shelves in Canada. You should always be living in an uncomfortable space if you are to truly be considered an entrepreneur so from that perspective we hit it out of the park this year. We love to be stretched and to be honest we know that there is a real demand for the fun and entertainment that our products bring to the spirits industry. We really feel like Secret Spirits is breaking new ground not just with all the additions in our Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar but offering the same elements and more in our Rum’s Revenge. Stay tuned for next year as we work to launch our third product covering one of the most popular brown spirit categories over the past few years.

So there it is folks regardless of if you are an entrepreneur or doing something else awesome with your life stay true to your dreams and as the title of this blog says “those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it”.
As promised we have a new guest blogger for the 3rd edition calendar and I am pleased to introduce Johanne McInnis aka “Whisky Lassie”  who I have long followed and also linked for her amazing blog on the Wemyss Velvet Fig during the 2nd Edition calendar blogs. Thanks so much Johanne we look forward to reading all about your 3rd edition journey.
One last blog before we get stuck into the fun business of 25 days of whisky blogging. See you in a few days as we take a trip up North to Canada’s Klondike in the heart of the Yukon.

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