Singlemalting #242 – 6th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Day 18 – MacDuff 14 Year Old

Welcome to day 18, the eve of the final full week of dramming adventure. Today we are tasting the second offering from the crew at Claxton’s. Back in Speyside again, we have a Macduff 14 year old. The last time we got to savor MacDuff was in the 5th edition on day 1 from Single Cask Nation.

MacDuff Distillery

MacDuff distillery is more commonly known by the proprietary label Glen Deveron. Founded in 1960 production began in 1963. William Lawson purchased MacDuff in 1972 and eventually sold it to Bacardi in 1993 where it is made an integral part of the John Dewars & Sons operation. This now concludes a trio of Duff related distilleries in our 6th edition. Dufftown, Miltonduff and now MacDuff. Who knew that you really can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff (terrible pun there but Simpsons was a bit of a favorite back in the day).

Claxton’s MacDuff 14 Year Old – Speyside – Sherry Butt # 1835-900032 – 55.9% abv

Colour:          Palest tarnished gold. Even though the guys at Claxton’s gave me the details of the cask as Sherry Butt. They did not specify how many times that barrel had been used and this one looks very much like a 2nd or refill butt.

Nose:          Chocolate coated candy cane, freshly oiled leather, plum pudding sauce. Quite a light nose for a sherry cask again leading me to think that this cask has seen a few fills before this one. I really like a more gentle approach with cask management as I love to see distillery character shining through.

Palate:         Fig newtons, wine gums and prunes. Light sherry influence leading me back to that plum pudding sauce. Grand marnier truffles. Mmmmmm could spend a bit of time on this. Lots to explore here and all quite delicate.

Finish:         Lovely light finish for 55.9% and didnt even ask me for water at all. Citrus notes burst through and leave a bitter chocolate coated orange rind lingering.

Lovely whisky that has a lot of complexities if you are willing to spend plenty of time with it. A very gentle sherry butt that has left a ton of distillery character and allowed for some really nice balance here.

In our 5th edition on this day we had the monster Secret Spirits Glenallachie at a staggering 66.2% what a wow of a dram that was. Still some bottles available.

Please spend some relaxing time with dram in hand watching our guest Youtubers at Single Malt Review in New Zealand. Whisky Whistle in Canada and Scotch Test Dummies in the US. Plus the bonus Food Quig reviews.

Tomorrow we are going back to the Highlands to knock off another distillery making it’s first appearance in any of our editions. Very excited to see how this rarely seen independent bottling goes down.

Until tomorrow have a fabulous evening and quality time with your dram of MacDuff.




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