Singlemalting #240 – 6th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Day 14 – Miltonduff 10

Welcome to the end of the 2nd week of this 6th edition adventure. Miltonduff has been showcased a number of times in past editions. Once alone as an older Samaroli bottling and a once as part of a particularly amazing Samaroli blended malt.

Built on the site of the meal mill (this building on meal mill sites apparently happened quite a bit) of the Pluscarden Abbey that was build in 1236. It is owned by Pernod Ricard making up much of their Chivas and Ballentines blends. One of those seldom seen Single Malts that requires some independent bottling to do the rescuing. The distillery is built on some of those original foundation stones from 1236.

Miltonduff Distillery

A.D. Rattray Miltonduff 10 Year Old – Speyside – Bourbon Barrel # 701221 – 60.9% abv

Colour:       Very typical of american oak and probably lends itself to a potential 2nd fill Bourbon rather than 1st fill. Pale gold.

Nose:           Miltonduff is such a gentle flavor profile. At least the Samaroli offerings were. This is quite delicate even at over 60%. If you get right in to the Glencairn with the nosing the alcohol can finally jump up and make itself known. Those crisp vanilla wafers with layers of vanilla cream filling. Grab two of those and shove them into a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream that nestles a fresh banana. Put all that together and you have a banana split. Hold the hot fudge because so far its not here…… maybe a slight drizzle of caramel instead.

Palate:         Top your banana split with a marachino cherry. Super creamy mouth filling action with the 60.9%. This is delicious.

Finish:          Warming all the way down. The wafer and vanilla is still there. Touches of citrus rolling in at the death. Didn’t need water for me but would be interesting to see what extra might show itself. Go for it, thats what cask strength is for.

Another delicious example from the Miltonduff distillery.

On this day in the 5th edition we had coincidently another whisky by the A.D. Rattray Independent bottlers – Knockdu 9 Year Old.

Don’t forget about our guest Youtubers at Single Malt Review in New Zealand. Whisky Whistle in Canada and Scotch Test Dummies in the US. Plus the bonus Food Quig reviews.

Tomorrow we are channeling history again with a tier up from the boys at Lost Distillery Company.

Stay tuned for what I believe so far is the most delicious recreation I have tried from them.

Looking forward to many more whiskies yet before we shut the lights off the Christmas tree for another year.

Hope you are enjoying the variety of whiskies so far. How many of you are doing bling tastings? After watching Malt Whisky Review and Food Quig you can see how challenging it is when there is nothing but your nose and taste to guide you.

Have a fabulous evening and until tomorrow keep on dramming.




  1. Jessie Voisin says:

    Blind all the way here. Makes surfing YouTube dangerous though 🙂 Enjoying the calendar and your daily thoughts in your blog posts. My flow is taste blind, capture some notes… watch the boys at Malt Whisky Review and Quig to see where we differ and finish up with STD and Mark’s review. I usually catch up with your blog the next day. Sorry can’t comment every day but I’m HERE! Cheers Jonathan and Cindy

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