Singlemalting # 201 – 5th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Day 4 – Secret Spirits Glen Moray 9 Year Old Single Malt

Time for something bottled by us here at Secret Spirits. I do love to showcase a variety of other independent bottlers as a lot of you can attest to with our back editions. Since the 3rd edition however we have steadily been increasing the number of casks that Secret Spirits sources directly. Tougher on our cashflow but oh so satisfying to put our name to something delicious.

Today we visit Glen Moray Distillery up in the great little town of Elgin nestled in the heart of Speyside. Converted from a brewery into a distillery in 1897 it went through a tough time after a fire and years of neglect from the owners that were concentrating their attentions on their other distillery Arberlour causing it’s closure in 1910. It was purchased by the owners of Glenmorangie in the 1923 and was further sold to La Martiniquaise in 2004 who have increased the Glen Moray’s capacity considerably and modernised a lot of the distilling processes.

Glen Moray Distillery


I had the pleasure of visiting Glen Moray in 2017 with my good friend Joshua Hatton from Single Cask Nation. Spending time checking out the distillery with Iain Allen and then sampling through the Glen Moray range on the outside patio was outstanding.

Secret Spirits Glen Moray 9 Year Old Single Malt – Speyside – 1st fill Bourbon cask number 5634 – Alcohol volume 58.2%

Colour:         Quite pale considering this was a first fill Bourbon Cask. It does have a nice light gold sheen to it though.

Nose:            Vanilla Creamed Rice pudding just like my mum used to make complete with a dusting of cinnamon. Mum used to add a touch of sweetened condensed milk as well and it always took ages to cook while my brother and I sat by anxiously awaiting a generous helping. I know there was a reason I liked this cask.

Palate:          Very creamy but the 58% does not feel overpowering at all. That lovely creamed rice thing is there along with a light drizzle of lemon sauce.

Finish:          This is a dessert dram if ever there was one. So in balance at cask strength for me that water was nowhere to be seen. I love always keeping everything intact so that everyone can play with it the way they want. I understand that there are many reasons for bottling at other strengths but for me Cask Strength is king.

Remember to head over to the Whisky Vault and to Scotch Test Dummies to check out their daily drants (dramming rants). For those of you that loved our Glen Moray cask the good news is that we will be bottling a very limited number of 750ml for sale on our online stores in Canada and the USA. These will be sold on a pre-order basis only so first in best dressed. Info on pricing and timing of the launch coming shortly.

On day 4 in our 4th edition we had the Lost Distillery Company Dalaruan Classic blended malt. I still have a bottle of the Dalaruan kicking around in my collection as I particularly enjoyed this little take on history.

Tomorrow we back up with another Secret Spirits cask…yes thats right its our calendar and we get to do whatever we want. Hanging around in Speyside and visiting a favorite distillery of mine will be the order of the day.






  1. Adam says:

    What a beauty! Great cask choice for Secret Spirits, cant wait for this whisky to be released for sale.

    Sweet nose with fresh cut hay. Doesnt taste as young as it is. Slightly spicey with vanilla and floral notes. True speysider!

  2. Chris Demeule says:

    5th Edition Revisited:

    Oof! That is a spicy meatball! I was not expecting a cask strength and took a bit too much right off the hop which made me sit up and cough. Rookie mistake. A drop of water makes the vanilla notes from the bourbon cask bust out but the spice still lingers on. And on. If I didn’t know any better I would swear that there was a bit of rye on the mash bill.

    I gave this two and a half to three stars. Enjoyable but I am not getting the complexity that Jonathan was talking about in his review.

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