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Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Day 20

Singlemalting #186 – Day 20 – 4th Edition SWAC – Exclusive Malts Cameronbridge Single Grain 25yo

Welcome to a brand new independent bottler in this 4th edition. Exclusive Malts is one of the brands released by the Creative Whisky Company. Owned by David Stirk this indie has been putting out delicious casks for quite some time. It is a pleasure to have him on board and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more casks from him in future editions. Today we head to the Lowlands of Scotland and the Single Grain Cameronbridge Distillery.

A great way to start with an older Single Grain that is the first such expression in this edition. Cameronbridge is also a brand new distillery so we are getting a double bonus round with this Scotch. For those unaware a Single Grain can be distilled from a number of different grains but at the one distillery and still has to be aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak to be whisky. Single Grain makes up the bulk of the Blended Scotch category. When aged however Single Grain takes on some very special complexities and have proven to be some of my favorite drams from past editions.

Cameronbridge was opened in 1824 and produced both Single Malt and Single Grain right up until 1929 when they changed to Single Grain only. Owned by Diageo, Cameronbridge is a workhorse for all of Diageo’s big name blended Scotch Whiskies including Johnnie Walker.

Cameronbridge Distillery

Exclusive Malts Cameronbridge 25 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky – Aged in a refill Sherry Cask number 93574 and bottled at 52.9%.

Colour:   Easy to see only a refill influence on the colour here. Just the tiniest tinge of red after 25 long years.

Nose:  Plenty to get excited about. Loads of up front sweetness that could be part sherry cask and part corn content in the mashbill. Single Grain distilleries do not generally reveal their mashbill recipes but there is no doubt that corn plays a big part in most. Some cereal notes as well kind of like a bowl of “Honey Smacks” complete with a creamy pouring of fresh milk.

Palate:   Some tropical notes here that remind me of the St Nicholas Abbey Barbados Rum. Toasted coconut and papaya. Palate filling goodness all round.

Finish:   That creamy milk comes back into play with the honey notes and tropical connection still rolling. Really soft finish for almost 53%.

This is why older Single Grain Scotch Whisky is so cool. If this is your first time trying Single Grain “you’re welcome”.

Thanks Dave for offering us this fine dram.

On this day in the 3rd edition we had only the second ever bottling from Secret Spirits. The 26 Year Old Speyside Single Malt.

Head on over to Scotch Trooper. I am told by a reliable source that there may be a ramp up of new photos for this last week.

Tomorrow we head North to Speyside for another delicious dram from Hunter Laing and their Old Malt Cask brand.

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