Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar
Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Day 17

Singlemalting #183 – Day 17 – 4th Edition SWAC – Samaroli MacDuff 19yo Sherry Cask

We have only had the odd Sherry cask aged whisky from Samaroli. The Glen Scotia in the 1st edition was one such dram and a fine dram it was. Read all about it here. Today though we are talking MacDuff. This is our comparison piece that we like to do at least once each edition to showcase haw diverse each single cask can be. Even when casks are filled on the same day at the same distillery and sit side by side for the same number of years they will be different when bottled. Thus is the mystery and magic of whisky.

MacDuff Stills

So have a read again about the A.D. Rattray MacDuff on day 3 and try to remember. What are the differences for you with this older expression?

Samaroli MacDuff 19yo Single Malt Sherry cask. Bottled at 43% non chill filtered and no caramel colouring.

Colour:   While there is a tinge of red there I would think after 19 years that this would have been a second or refill cask.

Nose:     A touch of struck match quickly gives way to savory notes of a roast beef sandwich complete with wholegrain mustard.

Palate:    Wow the beef continues like a good Stroganoff thats laced with sherry.

Finish:   Sweet PX sherry notes burst through at the finish dragging some of that gorgeous gravy with them. Floral cherry blossom notes jump out at the end leaving a lasting sweetness that is a crazy delicious finish to this very complex dram. This is a really unique dram and completely took me by surprise as I have never tasted a savory then sweet MacDuff like this one before. Absolutely going to get myself a bottle of this.

On day 17 in the 3rd edition we had the Wemyss Malts Applewood Bake Invergordon 26yo Single Grain.

Head on over to Scotch Trooper or you will be detained for questioning.

Tomorrow we hand over yet another cask bottled by Secret Spirits. For the second time we are going to reveal the distillery on the label.

See you then





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