Singlemalting # 164 – Whisky Bucket List – Jack Rose Saloon, check

I had been looking forward to heading to Washington DC for sometime and so it was with great excitement that I landed in Pennsylvania to be greeted by my fellow whisky enthusiast Jared from Impex beverages.

3 full on days of whisky accounts covering Delaware, Maryland and of course DC. Really the highlight of the trip was meeting the legendary Harvey of Jack Rose Saloon fame. Jared and I spent some time at Harvey’s home going over the new out turn of Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottling’s before heading to the Jack Rose Saloon. Harvey has had a life long passion for whisky and is one of the most avid collector’s of independent bottling that I have ever seen. More amazing whiskies than Harvey could drink in 10 lifetimes that takes up most of the available space in his home has given the Jack Rose Saloon an almost endless supply of exceptional single cask whiskies to draw from. After some really engaging discussion and quite a few drams of delicious warm up whisky it was time to head to where the action was. I have heard so much about Jack Rose Saloon and it did not disappoint in the slightest.

Singlemalting and Historic Harvey
Someone has too
Dram and Grain Speakeasy

Bar top to ceiling whisky bottles cover the walls and back bar. Harvey holds court at the bar at least twice a week where he passionately engages any whisky enthusiast that happens in. Getting downstairs into the Speakeasy (Dram and Grain) for a tour was fantastic, especially the selection of really old bottles that lines the shelf. Next time I am there this will be a must.

To get things rolling one really must have a cocktail or two, whisky based of course. The exceptional head bartender plied me with a couple of doozies that my darling wife would have absolutely adored. The appies were also amazing as was one of the last fresh oysters that I had to steal from Harvey (his favorite).

When it came time for whisky I just had to go with something American and tried the Willett Straight Rye Rare release. Oh yeah Rye goodness in a glass. We topped off the evening with a Tiki drink upstairs and a fantastic Hoya de Monterrey. The Jack Rose really has it all. If you love whisky and you ever travel to DC make it a priority. Say G’day to Harvey for me.

On the water in Baltimore the next day Jared and I tore it up with Halibut and Crab cakes, live prohibition era music, late night Pizza and a bunch of memorable beverages. I have to say that Jared was a spectacular host and I am really looking forward to my return trip to the mid Atlantic seaboard once I have had time to recover.

Trouble brewing in Baltimore
Dram and Grains old and delicious shelf

Next week we are heading back to the Yukon and a review on a particularly interesting spirit distilled by Two Brewers in Whitehorse.

The whisky fun never ends here at Singlemalting. I look forward to your company next time around.




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