Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar 3rd Edition Day 19 Blog #154 – Samaroli Spey Blended Malt 20 Year Old – Miltonduff and Tormore

Christmas sure is getting close now so it’s time for an older Samaroli whisky. There is no doubt that Samaroli is a fairly high end choice when it comes to shelling out for Independent bottlers. They do consistently however release some of the more amazing whiskies that I have yet encountered. I hope you will consider them for your next extra special bottle.

Today’s dram is a combination of Tormore and Miltonduff. You can read about Samaroli Single cask bottling’s of each distillery that have been part of previous editions. Tormore was included in the 1st edition and Miltonduff in the 2nd. It is going to be really interesting tasting how these two amazing whiskies taste when combined by the skilled Italians. Tormore was close to being the favorite whisky from the 1st edition and it was the first time that I had ever had anything from the distillery.


So lets get stuck into today’s dram.

Samaroli Spey 20 Year Old Blended Malt combined from Tormore cask # 20267 New American Oak and Miltonduff cask # 2845 Bourbon refill. Bottled at the Samaroli chosen strength of 45% with no chill filtration or coloring.

Samaroli Spey

Color:   Another light color due to the new oak and refill Bourbon combination. I have rarely seen a dark Samaroli Whisky with the Glen Scotia from the 1st edition and the 45 Year Old Bunnahabhain that I had in January being the exceptions.

Nose:   Floral leading me to a time when I wandered through the Warratina Lavendar farm in Victoria Australia. It was a heady mix of lavendar and just a hint of eucalypt. Some clotted vanilla cream is there along with a touch of citrus rind.

Warratina Lavendar Farm Victoria Australia

Palate:  Delicate as you would expect from a good Samaroli. Light flavors bounce around on the palate and give me real pause to sit and think a while about this whisky. The creamy vanilla is still there with a light biscuit crust hmmm something like this.

Vanilla bean infused cream cannoli

Finish:   A little lemon zest hits right at the end that leaves my tongue crying out for more and the cannoli piece just keeps on kicking.

Took me a little longer as I was getting into this delicate Samaroli to find its secrets. Gorgeous stuff.

On this day in the second edition we had the Samaroli Miltonduff. This has been happening enough to make it eerie as I did not plan there to be a tie in to the past day’s whisky this often. (insert Twilight Zone music here).

Let’s see how much Whiskylassie likes this Samaroli Spey.

Tomorrow we showcase the second whisky bottled by Secret Spirits. Given that we are now getting close to the end I’m sure it will probably have a little more age on it than our first one (spoiler alert).

As you are probably aware I have to get a little ahead of the blogging or I absolutely run out of time so as you read this I will be patiently waiting to board a plane to Australia. Good news for those of you downunder as I will be meeting with an importer and we hope to have both our products available there next year.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Secret Spirits Dram


Jonathan – taster of secrets




  1. Chad says:

    Very nice! Light and bright sweet with fruit yet floral. Cream Peach with lemon lime and lavender. Takes me to a summer field. Lovely

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