Rum's Revenge

Rum’s Revenge Polly want a cracker – Blog #149 – West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants Central American Guatemala Rum

What say ye? I’ve seen yer lurkin about all prissy like with yer fancy whisky calendar an all. Let it be known that The Rum’s Revenge hereby be hijackin this ere blog for the good of all Pirate kind. Thar be piratin to do, swillin of Rum and the like that no stuck up dress wearin Scot should be party to.

If ye did not heed me warnin about gettin yerself a Rum’s Revenge chest then be off with ye. Go an sniff out yer fancy whiskies and the like.

With only true pirate’s now attending grab yer map and let’s set sail for Central America climes to make port in Guatemala. To locate yer rum sail yer Rum’s Revenge South East till ye find the friend of many a pirate. With Polly the Parrot labelled rum bottle in hand go grab the ancient skull and lets get drinkin.

Destination Polly

Lookin:  Argh there be gold in this ere bottle I’m sure of it.

Sniffin:  Sweet pork on a fork that we only get when in a fancy port with some rootin veg.

Tastin:  Some tar n feathered enemy pushed off the plank. A bowl of fresh papaya scarfed in the glee of it all.

Thinkin:  This ere be savory an sweet all in the same bottle. I be lovin this so much that it be below deck faster than the crew in a storm.

Guatemala be a good place fer rum and this ere find, even being a treasure and all is just not enough fer a thirsty pirate. Yer can send off one of them newfangled e letters to an yer be finding out where ye can steal a bigger bottle ot two.

Central America XO

This ere be just way too much fun for a pirate an we have a lot of sailin to do on the horizon. Yer never know when I be takin over this poshy whisky blog with good Pirate, Rum swillin tales so keep a weather eye out.

Now tuck yer Pirate chest somewhere safe fer there be those lurkin about lookin for treasure such as you have in yer possession.

Before ye go be lookin at this ere to inspire yer deep Pirate Passions.

Until next time be vigilant and hearty, rest just fer a second an ye may miss the chance fer true pirate treasure.

Captain Flintlock Bray – Master of the Rum’s Revenge

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  1. Chad says:

    Wow very different from the last rum. My first impression was sweet tomato sauce like that on cabbage rolls and all the spices and tastes that can go with home made sauces. Yum, but possible too sweet to drink more than one (or two)

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