Well, G’day, time for some insight into the man and the whisky.

The man part is pretty straightforward. I’m an Aussie occasionally kilted pouring some of the best Scottish whiskies on the planet. Also spotted, sporting a faithfully recreated Sir Lancelot outfit complete with Killer Rabbit, pouring English whisky. Even parked under an Akubra with dangling corks doling out Sullivans Cove a Tassie whisky. If it sounds like I have fun “working” in and around my passion you would be right. I wonder if I ever poured Makmyra would it come with the Swedish Bikini Team. 🙂

I have been living in Alberta, Canada for almost 13 years after my wife Cindy declared it was her turn, lasting 12 years with me in Australia (for those doing the math yes we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year 2014). -30 Celcius and an open fire certainly do help one to engage with the water of life on a regular basis. Not to mention one of the best places in North America if not the world for whisky selection.

For the whisky element, the bug bit me over a decade ago when the opportunity came for me to work with a small independent bottler. Offering a schooling in Single Malts from all over Scotland, the cask strength Scotches enabled me to fully explore one of the most complex drinks ever created.

What a great place to start my journey. Since that steep learning curve I have made it a mission to seek out and try any whisky/ey that I can get my palate on. While I have developed a very distinct philosophy and take on the whisky world, up until now I have only shared it with a few listeners via the odd class or around a fire with dram and cigar in hand.

I hope through this blog that I will challenge, engage and at times entertain you. I have had the amazing opportunity to travel and share this passion with others all over the world. Regardless of culture, background or environment there are millions of people that are also on this same path. If I can help facilitate that journey in even a small way then this small whisky space will be more than worthwhile.

Let me add a caveat here by saying that I want to be completely transparent to those reading this blog. I am a partner and owner, along with my wife Cindy, of Secret Spirits Ltd. and we import a wide range of boutique spirits into Canada. We are also the creators of the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. From time to time I will be reviewing products that we sell. Although I will try to remain un-biased, we have taken great pains to have only passionately hand crafted spirits as part of our repertoire. I look forward to heated debate in the future over my take on some of our drams and eagerly look forward to reading your reaction be it good bad or indifferent.