Whisky Nirvana on a Cricket Tour | Blog # 127

G’day everyone,

That time of year already the the annual Glenmore Cricket club tour to Vancouver and Victoria is well under way. Instead of whisky reviews out of paper cups and pictures of dodgy bedspreads this year I had the opportunity to crank it up a notch.

Have you ever been on vacation thinking that you would just love to relax with one of your special drams that sits safely in your bar 100’s or 1000’s of kms away? Well now you can with a product produced by a good friend of mine Ken Jaremco of Whisky Connoisseur.

Leather Deluxe Travel Kit Leather Deluxe Travel Kit

I received a deluxe travel kit for my birthday (thanks Ken) and quickly put it to good use picking out 6 delicious drams for this trip to British Columbia. One of the guys from the cricket club Chris Williams shared a room with me and also got in on the dram sharing thanks to the 2 Glencairn glasses that are part of the kit.

6 one ounce bottles all marked with bronze numbered neck tags correlate to the entries you make in a whisky ledger. Fun to be able to offer a friend their pick of a diverse range of whisky. Half the fun was in choosing half a dozen drams and filling up the wee bottles with the amazing funnel that is designed to never blow back. Ken really did think of everything including a couple of tiny water droppers. Of course if you really want to delve into your whiskies the deluxe edition also comes with a Whisky Journal so you can write your own tasting notes.

“In amongst the obvious sporting tour pints of beer it was great to be able to sit and relax sharing a really good dram.”

The whiskies I chose this time around

*Whisky Jewbilee Chicago Bottling of MGP American Light Whisky aged in an IPA beer barrel – you may remember this from blog #

*Tipperary 11 Year Old Irish Single Malt – Blog to come soon on this whisky it’s delicious

*Glenglassaugh 41 Year Old Sherry Cask – You can read the blog here #

*A.D. Rattray Craigellachie 16 – you may have read the review here as it came on tour a few years ago if not here it is #.

*A.D. Rattray Macallan 17 – one from the dark past and definitely unobtanium now. Malt Whisky Company Tobermory 21 – part of the 2nd edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar check out the blog here #

This little kit is going to become part of my getaways from now on.

If 6 wee drams is just not enough then you can always add a masterclass or share a dram kit as well to get in another dozen selections. Either way it is just amazing to be able to take a selection of whisky away with you and have everything you need to enjoy it at your fingertips.

I’m off to crack that Macallan!

You can buy Whisky Connoisseur kits HERE


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