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So here we are at our second whisky of this combined blog. Sorry it has taken a while between drinks here as there has been a lot going on with Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar manufacturing and the launch of our new Rum’s Revenge.

After a delicious Rye it was time for us to get a little serious with a single cask bottling of Balblair from Gordon & McPhail. As one of the oldest independent bottler’s Gordon & McPhail have the enviable status of probably holding more single cask stock than anyone right now. This often means that some of the more rare and interesting bottlings tend to be found under the G&M banner. Without further ado let’s delve into this little beaut.

Gordon McPhail Cask Strength Balblair 21

 Distilled on June 28th 1993 bottled in October 2014

1st Fill Sherry Puncheon

Colour: Dark unctuous tawny port with a touch of hidden gold

Nose: Dark chocolate covered raisins soaked in a Sherry reduction sauce. The smallest hint of a freshly opened box of matches in the background and A touch of antiseptic swab like my mum applied liberally to my brother after he ran his bike into a parked car on the way to the beach wearing nothing but bathers and a beach towel. Poached blood oranges (not at all related to my previous comment) drizzled with chocolate and grande mariner.

Palate: Zesty initially with the higher ABV at first it quickly coats the palate with layers of rich dark chocolate orange peel crescents, quite dry almost fino Sherry like especially with the start being so fleetingly feisty. Ovaltine and warm milk by the fire.

Finish: Big dry sherry finish on this one leaving no doubt how much impact this puncheon had on the Balblair over 21 long years but in a good way.

This is why so many people love Sherry casks. Dessert in a glass is never a bad thing

Water: On this occasion just a wee couple of drops of water was sensational. On the nose sweet caramel came into play and on the palate a bowl of sweet fruit pastels got poured into the mix. Yummo.

This is a perfect example of a whisky where a touch of sulphur is neither off putting nor detrimental. This is an absolutely delicious older sherried cask and one that I would happily shell out for (if I could wrench said bottle out of Joshua’s hands).

“This was really a fun exercise and one that I would happily repeat. It really is interesting to bounce your take off someone as geeky as you are and see how different and alike your experience can be.”

A big thanks to Joshua for getting in on this and for the fun times in Chicago. Looking forward to the next time we have whisky in front of us.

Next week I will be reviewing a new Canadian whisky brand on the older side of the aging tracks.

Until then…

Aussie, Jew, Aussie – Oi, Oy, Oi!


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