Young Whiskey from an Old Distillery | Blog # 122

On vacation this year and much like other relaxing trips I like to seek out an unusual whiskey that I have not seen on shelves in Canada. It seems like American whiskey tends to be a go to and when vacationing in the US, why wouldn’t it.

Finding a great little store in Honolulu was the first challenge. Most of the liquor stores around Waikiki stock the same old usual suspects. With a bit of Google work I was able to find this little gem of a store called Posh Liquor. The older lady who runs the store was fantastic and although her knowledge of whisky was limited she knew what was in the store.

“Literally lined with bottles and overflowing onto the floor it’s a challenge to find anything. Kind of like finding a great antique store and spending some quality hunting time.”

Finally I came across a bottle of the Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey. You may remember my blog on the Mellow Corn from a trip to Florida last year. If you missed it you can read up on it HERE.

The McCormick Distilling Company is actually the longest continually running distillery in the US. Founded in 1856 it managed to stay open during prohibition by making alcohol for medicinal purposes. In this case the Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey was procured by McCormick from a distillery in Kentucky.

Straight Corn Whiskey has to be aged in either used or uncharred barrels (otherwise it would be bourbon)

This example is 3 years old and comes complete with a collectable ceramic jug decanter which has become a bit of a trademark McCormick package for their whiskies. It certainly caught my eye behind all those other bottles at Posh Liquor.

Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey – 40% ABV – 3 years old

Colour:        Buttered corn

Nose:        Sweet Corn on the Cob with a hint of vanilla and caramel – very light and easy going.

Palate:        Creamed corn with an infusion of tropical fruit. Just enough to give it some additional interesting character.

Finish:        Fairly short as you would expect but does linger a little with that sweet creamy ripe corn on the cob continuing from the nose.
Does develop a touch of white pepper right at the death which is an interesting end to what is essentially a sweet whiskey.

“A really solid whiskey for only $ 25 (can’t buy anything in Canada in that price range unless you are using it for a rub down)”

Just the ticket for some lazy days by the pool and on the balcony in Hawaii. I might try pairing this up with some local pineapple (juicy and amazing). I bet it would make a great brown sauce to pour over these lady finger bananas that Cindy and I can’t get enough of.

It’s so fun to add unique whiskey hunting to a vacation especially when there are not a lot of stores with decent selections around. Thanks to Posh Liquor for providing such an eclectic and fun experience. I can truly say that I have never experienced a store like it.

POSH Liquor POSH Liquor Booze everywhere! Booze everywhere!

If you find yourself in Honolulu you should drop in and do some hunting of your own.

Next week I will be doing my first Cigar review alongside the Platte Valley. Hoping that I can find a nice mild Cigar with a slightly sweeter disposition. I’ll still be here in Honolulu so this review might have to be somewhere on the beach.

Looking forward to sharing it all with you then.

Aloha and Mahalo from Oahu!

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