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To say that I just had two exciting weeks would be a massive understatement as Cindy and I travelled Scotland, Ireland and Italy to pick whisky and something secret for a new launch this year. Next week, I will let you know all about it, but today I am tasting a whisky that was given to me by a massive whisky fan in Edmonton John Vogrinetz (thanks heaps for the dram). John stumbled into the Timboon distillery on a visit to my homeland and loved the whisky. So ironic that a sample dram comes to me so that I can write about it here in Canada. I will have to make a point of visiting the distillery when I am back in Oz visiting my parents in Victoria.

“The Tim Boon Railway Shed Distillery is located in the small town of Timboon in Victoria Australia. Initially the site of an Ice Cream company called Timboon Fine Ice Cream before the owners diversified into trying their hand at making Single Malt Whisky.”

They have a copper pot 600 litre still that was hand crafted for them by a company in Hobart Tasmania. The Timboon Railway Shed Distillery really brings back some of the history of whisky making in the area as an illicit still ran by Tom Delaney in the 1890’s supplied the locals with “Mountain Dew” before his unfortunate arrest.

Aged in small ex-port casks the Timboon Single Malt has a deep rich colour that belies its younger age.  Bottled at 46% so my guess is that the Timboon Single Malt is not chill filtered. Distilled on the 19 of September 2009 it was bottled on the 28th of September 2015 making it just over 5 years old aged in the considerably warmer climate of Victoria.

Timboon Australian Single Malt Whisky Timboon Australian Single Malt Whisky

Tasted in my trusty Samaroli Whisky glass as I feel that this might be a reasonably delicate dram.

Colour:     A beautiful deep reddish amber and I’m thinking the port cask had extra influence here.

Nose:     Orange blossom with an undercurrent hint of sweet balsamic reduction, dried figs and a deeper blood orange note. Sparkling freshness here and very inviting.

Palate:    Very soft and appealing entrance with orange bitters and a warming tawny note that adds both sweetness and a dark raisin edge. I don’t know what type of Port cask this was aged in but the influence is undeniable.

“The nose is my favorite part of this whisky and it is obviously really well put together in small batches by good people that really care about and love what they do.”

Finish:     Loads going on as that lovely bitterness carries on with swirling grilled orange, apricot and a fading sweetness. The finish is a touch short which could be partly due to me having the sample sitting on the shelf for several months and the fact that it came from a half bottle that had been open for a year.

I will definitely end up with a bottle of this on my back bar as soon as I can get back downunder.

Thanks John for the whisky it is very much appreciated.

Next week we talk a little about our epic whisky hunt this year…


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