Vangroovy gets it’s own festival | Blog # 116

The inaugural Vancouver Whisky Festival rounded out the week for me as the 5th event in 7 days. Held at the Terminal City Club in Downtown Vancouver this event is designed for a maximum of 150 participants to enable an intimate experience.

With sponsors like Aston Martin showing off some very sexy cars and an outstanding array of classes, tours and tables the added bonus of an on-site store allowing that impulse buy makes this one of the best events of the week.

Rather than make you read through an accounting of what you could expect to taste I will jump to one of the most amazing experiences for me at the vendors after party.

One of the perks of being in this industry is the benefit of being able to drink the odd whisky well above our pay grade.

Thanks to the very generous team at Fountana the array of whiskies on offer was nothing short of stunning.

Here are just a few of the gems that I tried with just a short impression:

George T Stagg Bourbon 71.4% – Ba-Boom!! what a whisky!

Gordon & Macphail 22 year old Port Ellen – More aggressive on the nose then super soft finish.

Colonel Taylor Bourbon – Yummy!

Nikki Yoichi – Seriously good whisky!

Kavalan Moscatel – Shut the front door!!

Kavalan PX – Shut the back door!

It was at this point that something very special happened. I was handed a bottle of Samaroli 45th Anniversary Bunnahabhain by Thomas Chen from Fountana. With grateful and almost shaking hands I cracked open the delicate whisky protecting screw cap and proceeded to pour a long line of lucky people a dram. This was the best whisky I had all week and more than that it was the best 45 year old whisky I have ever had. (I will be writing up a full tasting blog on this bottle as I was incredibly given the heel to take home at the end of the night.)

Just when we thought that the night couldn’t get better Tony arrived from his room fresh with another selection of amazing bottles.

Bruichladdie Blacker Still – 20 Year old Laddie Sherry cask come on…..

Duncan Taylor Clynelish 15 Sherry cask I felt like I was grazing at the dessert buffet

What an absolutely mind blowing end to a really fun week. I know that I have mentioned in the past that I love my job but I just have to say that I actually don’t work for a living. I am so lucky to be able to live my passion every day. If you live in Vancouver head on over to to see some pictures of the fun.

Thanks for coming along with me on this ride.


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