When Scotland calls one must answer – part 2 | Blog # 78

Up at the absolute crack of dawn (2:30am) and jet lag was truly set in. The good news was the amount of time I had to get some work done, work out, have an amazing Scottish brekky and turn up at Craigton bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:00am.

What a fun opportunity to be able to physically put together something that is near and dear to my heart.

With all the Craigton crew on hand after a touch of morning tea it was all hands on deck. I took up a spot fairly close to the beginning of the line taking each calendar and removing the face plate and taking off the handy ribbons that made production so much faster, checking it for the booklet, lapel pin, postcard, invitation and Christmas card and placing the hand numbered sticker on the inside left door. With all this done it then moved it down the line to start being filled with what really counts, the delicious whiskies.

Before the calendar got to me the pallets they arrived on had to be moved into the packing room and then the individual calendars removed from the outer box. Before I got my mitts on them, the calendars had the bar code and product information sticker attached to the bottom.

Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Packing Room

Every single bottle was hand labeled and the Christmas day whisky also had an embossed metal label applied, was hand corked and then wax dipped. To say that this is a labor intensive product would be an understatement.

The Craigton team jumped into the project with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. Nothing was missed with everyone focused on their task. Once all the whisky had been installed and an extra booklet page had been added, the Samaroli Whisky glass was snuggled into its silky alcove and the face plate and outer doors closed. Two calendars were then put back into the outer case which was glued and taped shut before going back onto an empty pallet.
Seeing a production line like this close up and actually being part of it is really quite fun.

Of course I was only a visitor but was soon treated like part of the team including the fun jibe’s and comments about how much longer it was taking with me “helping”.

For a few hours after the team left I was able to forge ahead and complete the remaining calendars on the table. It was nice to personally completely from start to finish work on quite a few calendars and have the table clear and ready for the next day.

After getting back to the hotel I was feeling a little weary from a distinct lack of sleep but could not allow myself the luxury of a quick lie down no matter how loudly the nice comfy bed was calling. Time to head out to a beautiful restaurant in Glasgow called Hutchesons, with Kevan and Rachel from Craigton. What an amazing evening filled with delicious wine, great company and awesome food. We kicked it off with some legendary Hutchesons cocktails and my manhattan was amazing. Kevan and Rachel preferred a Gin martini and they went down a treat. Kevan was left to order his own steak as Rachel and I shared a Chateaubriand. It was actually the scallops highly rated by Kevan that got us all there in the first place. Yep they were good.

Hutchesons Glasgow Scotland Hutchesons Glasgow Scotland

One of the joys of working in this industry is developing long term relationships with fantastic people like Kevan and Rachel. When I finally got back to the hotel at around 11:00 pm I had been up and at it for over 20 hours. We will see in the next part if the jet lag was starting to sort itself out or not.
Until then I hope you are enjoying this little snapshot into putting it all together.


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