When Scotland Calls one must answer part 5 | Blog # 81

Fantastic spa facilities at the Dunblane Hydro which must have helped me to get my clock adjusted as I managed to make it all the way to 6:30am.

A full Scottish breakfast after a dip in the pool is a great way to get the day started. On the road to Edinburgh I met up with Kevan from Craigton one last time as he couriered 2 calendars in his industrial sized saddlebags to Stirling Services so that I could bring something back to Canada with me and save me another trip into Glasgow. Thanks again Kevan over and above the call of duty.

Edinburgh was very very busy with the Edinburgh festival in full swing right through the month of August. Getting downtown was actually pretty fun and after enjoying driving on the correct side of the road and zooming around in my little 6 speed VW I was happy to drive as much as possible. I found a car park right next to the Wemyss offices and had a lovely meeting with Jacqueline. After a viewing of the Scotch Whisky Advent Collector’s Edition, the drams were out quick smart and I can tell you all that the first whisky to be officially chosen for the 3rd edition being released in 2016 is from Wemyss.

Only 24 more to go and next years list will be complete. This is where I normally insert the tough job comments but you get the idea.

A fabulous way to enjoy a working afternoon. Thanks Jacque for having me and for another round of amazing whisky. Seeing as I had such a rock star park, I thought I would wander around and find a place for dinner. There is never a shortage of amazing pubs in Edinburgh so it was no surprise to me when I saw a beautiful converted church now pub called the Ghillie Dhu just around the corner.

It took a while to get a table which was perfect for a stint at the bar and a lovely pint of real ale.
Can’t go past a great meat pie and peas and Cindy would have approved of the side of veggies.

Time to give back the car and in the morning, tram it into Edinburgh to take in some of the festival sights. The Fringe is a non stop hive of street performers of every description that work for donations only. Some really high class acting, singing, dancing and of course comedy lots of kilted comedy.

Scotland indeed calls regularly now and I know that for at least a couple of weeks a year I am guaranteed to answer.

I was able to enjoy all of the action before meeting up with my mate James and his daughters for Saturday brunch and another stirring whisky conversation.


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