Day 12 A.D. Rattray Bank Note 5yo | Blog #101

We are about half way through our journey together this year and it is time to insert our only trip to the Blended Scotch category this edition. Wanting to take you on a complete journey of the Scotch landscape means that we will always be stopping here once.

AD Rattray Whisky Experience Shop AD Rattray Whisky Experience Shop

Bank Note is a 5 Year Old blended Scotch made by Independent Bottlers A.D. Rattay. It boasts 40% Single Malt to 60% Single Grain ratio which is huge for a blend in this price category. While released for only the US market it has done so well that A.D. Rattray have played with it in a few other markets worldwide. The Single Malt component is blended from Speyside and Highland Distilleries with the Single Grain coming from Lowland Distilleries. Bank Note is a recreation of the brand as it was 100 years ago including the old style label.

This is one of the very few whiskies in this years edition that you will find on shelves for under $ 100 and an average price in Alberta would be around $ 40. When tasting this, think value.

A.D. Rattray Bank Note 5 Year Old Blended Scotch bottled at 43% ABV – 40% Single Malt 60% Single Grain.

AD Rattray Bank Note 5yo Whisky AD Rattray Bank Note 5yo Whisky

Colour:    Antique Gold

Nose:     Light honey, plums and nectarines. a bowl of cheerio’s brings out the cereal notes.

Palate:     Creamy nougat squares, white chocolate shavings and vanilla essence.

Finish:     Clean tangy citrus – lemon zest, caramel flan. Nothing unpleasant here or rough edges found in most blends at this price level.

A.D. Rattray have produced what many believe to be the best value blend in this price bracket period. It will be interesting to see if they can keep up this quality for the same price in the coming years. Available in the US as a 1 liter bottle for the staggering price of $ 19.99. Must be nice to have very little in the way of taxation on spirits down there.

For me this would be a perfect dram for whisky based cocktails and for guests looking for very soft approachable whisky to have on the rocks or with their favorite mixer.

Shows how yummy a good inexpensive blend can be. Please feel free to do a side by side tasting against others in this category like Johnnie Walker Red or Black, Chivas Regal, Dewars or any other sub $ 40 blend available.

You can find Joshua Hatton’s take on this A.D. Rattray blended Scotch HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the Samaroli Isle of Jura 17 Year Old in blog #44

For those of you looking for a bottle of this inexpensive Bank Note 5 yo you can find it at the following value conscious retailers:


Calgary Co-Op Wine Spirits Beer

Vine Arts

Point McKay Wine & Spirits

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine and Beyond


Co-op Saskatoon

Back to Single Malt land tomorrow with the only whisky from a new Independent Bottler to the calendar this year.


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