Day 10 Samaroli Islay Blended Malt 2006 | Blog #99

Back to the Bastion of Big, Sanctuary of Smoke and Parapet of Peat. Only 5 days since our last outing here and I thought with all of the Christmassy sherry goings on that it was time to hit it again.

Samaroli as we have discussed love their softly complex and delicate drams. Lets see what they come up with bottling a young Islay blended malt. To be fair this is what they call a tea-spooned cask. The Distillery in question not wanting the name to find it’s way onto a bottle front and center drop a wee teaspoon of some other random malt into the barrel and presto a blended malt. This is absolutely for all intents and purposes a Single Malt as the .001% teaspoon of something or other has absolutely no impact on it whatsoever. Don’t worry we will disclose our knowledge of the distillery later.

Insider knowledge on some of these blended malts can be helpful. So onto the whisky.

Samaroli Islay Blended Malt 2006 – 9 Years Old bottled at a very Samaroli 43% ABV and non chill filtered with no colouring. Cask Number 80006 (this is a big clue that this was a teaspoon cask). New American Oak cask as opposed to ex-bourbon.

2006 Islay Whisky 2006 Islay Whisky

Colour:     Really really light in fact lightest whisky so far this edition. Tea made with a completely spent teabag.

Nose:     Fresh packet of clean bandaids. Not particularly smoky at all, more of an earthy peaty element along with some sun dried apple pieces.

Palate:     Warm soft earth and peat dominate with infusions of charcoal and medicinal characters running through it all. Very cream laden mouthfeel with almond biscotti bringing the slight sweetness.

Finish:     Softer than I thought would be the case and I think the 43% works here to lighten the youthful exuberance. A little more fruit on the finish with flamed apple crumble.

Yummy and a style of Islay that I like a lot. Now I can unveil to you all that this is from the Laphroaig Distillery. Fonded in 1815 and now owned by the Japanese Suntory Group, Laphroaig is the only distillery to carry the Royal Warrant of the Prince of Wales.

Certainly one of the more heavily peated Islay Whiskies, Laphroaig is held up by Islay enthusiasts as amongst the biggest expressions of what peat and smoke can bring to whisky.

So another dose received and the shaky withdrawal symptoms can now subside for another week. For those of you trying to come to terms with this style of Scotch it can take time. This is again one reason why whisky is so amazing so love it or hate it Islay is awesome in how it has changed the whisky landscape and created such a defining style

Tomorrow we delve into older waters with a special dram from Wemyss for my 100th blog.

**My mate Joshua Hatton over at Jewmalt is blogging every day through the 2nd edition. Check out his take on the Samaroli Laphroaig HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the only blended Scotch in the 1st edition, the Wemyss Lord Elcho 15 Year Old in blog #42

For those needing a bottle of this Samaroli Laphroaig you can find it at the following retailers:


Point McKay Wine & Spirits

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine and Beyond


Co-op Saskatoon

I really look forward to seeing you all tomorrow to celebrate my 100th blog.



  1. Chris Demeule says:

    This was nice for an Islay. Not normally a region where I see my own collection growing but the subtle fruit and the sweetness did make a me sit back and really enjoy what Laphroaig can offer.

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