Day 4 Wemyss Malts “Velvet Fig” | Blog #93

TGIF – Day 4 with the weekend looming and a chance to sit back, kick up our heels and delve into the 4th whisky of our 25 day journey.

We welcome Wemyss malts for the second year. I love the way that Wemyss have a lot of fun with their labelling as they like to give consumers a bit of a one line tasting note as part of their description. It must be fun times in their Edinburgh offices when they sit around coming up with a consensus profile for each whisky. This carried over from their limited editions to their ongoing range like the Spice King, Peat Chimney and The Hive that all found their way into the 1st edition.

Today’s whisky was a limited release that is sold out everywhere else in the world except for the 2nd edition calendar and of course the few retailers here in Canada that will have full bottles available. Wemyss were awesome in that they sat on this stock for over 6 months waiting for the calendar bottling. A big thank you for being so patient. Only 6000 bottles were produced for worldwide distribution and the combination of Single Malts were all from Speyside and all aged in Oloroso Sherry casks.

“Velvet Fig” Blended Malt bottled at 46% ABV, NAS – Oloroso Sherry

Wemyss Velvet Fig Wemyss Velvet Fig

Colour:     Varnished teak

Nose:     Thinly spread Vegemite and butter on toast, Forrest berry blend conserve and dried dates.

Palate:     Definitely another Christmas infused flavour profile. All the lovely dried fruits are here, dates, figs, raisins, sultanas mince meat pies covered in a dusting of cinnamon.

Finish:     A touch of sweet glazed ginger and I have to say it again that there is definitely a strong undercurrent of ripe fig. Still carries some weight at 46% so a dash of water could be on the cards for many to try and hit the velvet feel as promised on the label. Lingering crumbs and plate lickings of last Christmas pudding morsels.

As with almost 99% of the whiskies in the 2nd edition, once these rare few bottles are gone we will never see them again.

The anticipation for this whisky to hit Canada has been palpable for some. As a little bonus I will include a fantastic blog from Whisky Lassie here for your enjoyment.

**As will be the case every day my mate Joshua Hatton wades in with his review here on

On this day last year in the 1st Edition we tasted Wemyss Peat Chimney 12 Year Old. Believe it or not but I did not check back on last year before choosing the order for this years whisky (insert twilight zone music here). Blog #36

You can find the only 60 bottles of Velvet Fig available anywhere in the world at the following awesome retailers:


Calgary Co-Op Wine Spirits Beer

Willow Park Wine and Spirits


Keg N Cork

Wine and Beyond

Bin 104

Medicine Hat


I don’t know about you but I am having a lot of fun. I actually think that making the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar is even more fun than you guys and girls have drinking through it all.

Tomorrow we head to a new Scottish Whisky region with another offering from A.D. Rattray.

Hope you are having a great start to the weekend.

See you on Saturday.



  1. Jeremy says:

    This little journey is making this a very exciting Christmas! With the flavors I am enjoying, I find myself eager to sip the successive dram. Discipline will see me through.

  2. obiscott says:

    Hmmm – after a few minutes of struggling to get anything at all I get a charred BBQ Sauce on the nose. But I would like to think that it was BBQ’d in a cedar forest by the sea.

    The absolutely got the Velvet part right – velvet sweetness.

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