Day 24 – Wemyss Malts Old Spiced Balm Dailuaine 1983 | BLOG #113

Welcome to Christmas Eve. The most exciting day of the year when I was young (still is).

Gathering around the tree and taking in the beautifully wrapped presents and spending time with the family. Growing up in Australia I experienced a very different Christmas from most of you. Playing cricket in the back yard and testing out the new bat with my brother. Heading down to the beach on a new bike. Off to Nana’s place for Christmas dinner with her famous pudding and home made custard. When we stayed home for Christmas dinner Mum’s pudding (learned from nana) was something really special. Made the year before it hung in the dark pantry the whole year waiting for Christmas day. My brother and I couldn’t wait and always had seconds with lashings of custard. I can remember barely being able to move after Christmas dinner was done.

Christmas is a special time of year as long as we keep sight of what is most important in life.

Whisky (one definite important part) is what we are looking for behind door number 24. Dailuaine is a Speyside Distillery that was founded in 1852 and changed hands numerous times even going through a 3 year closure due to the pagoda roof catching fire. In 1987 it was purchased by United Distillers (Diageo).

Dailuaine Distillery Dailuaine Distillery

In 2005 only 2% of the production at Dailuaine was kept for Single Malt bottling. Certainly very rare to find this is the first cask I have ever even seen available in over 10 years of working with independent bottlers. The bulk of the Dailuaine production goes to Johnnie Walker.

Wemyss Old Spiced Balm Dailuaine 1983 – 29 Year Old Single Malt bottled at an ABV of 46% and aged in a Bourbon Hogshead cask # 4339.

Wemyss Malts Old Spiced Balm Whisky Wemyss Malts Old Spiced Balm Whisky

Colour:     Polished gold

Nose:     Should we be engaging in any number of back to back manly activities as we sniff this? I can picture the Old Spice guy complete with ripped 6 pack holding a glass of this aloft. More so than usual I have been all over the descriptive names Wemyss have come up with in this edition. Spicy, perfumey, balmy. Walking into a spice shop with open racks of exotic spices. Candle Wax and wood polish. Hints of dried tropical fruits like banana and papaya.

Palate:     Spice cupboard medley with mouth coating fullness. Only age does this to a whisky. This is my first Dailuaine and I like where this is going. There is a little citrus wood polish element to it after it has been soaked into old hardwood. A background note of eucalypt makes me miss being home on Christmas Eve.

Finish:     A really nice 46% tingle that hits the roof of my mouth especially. Long and developing into clove and linseed Oil (I use it to oil my cricket bats).

Delicious old whisky that is extremely rare. It’s a pity Diageo only release a bottling about every 10 years. I would be interested to try more from this distillery. I wonder what a younger Dailuaine would bring to the table.

Joshua gives us his insights HERE

Last year on Christmas Eve in the 1st edition we enjoyed a heavily sherried A.D. Rattray Bowmore 1999 14 Year Old Blog #56

If you would like one of the only 24 bottles available then hurry out to these retailers:


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Wine & Beyond

Well tomorrow Christmas is finally here and the last day of our whisky journey. We have saved something really special from our friends at Samaroli for tomorrow. I promise you a treat you will not soon forget.

I hope tomorrow brings warm feelings of love and appreciation for those you care most about.

Merry Christmas!


    • Jonathan Bray says:

      You are most welcome Jeremy thank you so much for coming along. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite 3 whiskies. Merry Christmas.

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