Day 22 – Malt Whisky Company Tobermory 1994 | Blog #111

Welcome to the 5th whisky in our 8 day 20 year old + countdown to Christmas.

Tobermory Distillery Tobermory Distillery

Off to the Islands today with a whisky from the Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of Mull. Formally all whisky produced by this Distillery was called Ledaig (le-cheg). Now only the small amount of peated whisky released by Tobermory is given the Ledaig label. It was founded in 1798 and changed hands many times over the years including during the decline in whisky sales in the 80’s having all the warehousing sold off to be developed into apartments. Whisky is no longer aged at the distillery. Now owned by the Distell group of South Africa it remains the only distillery on Mull.

The Malt Whisky Company owned by Stuart Nickerson was originally only going to release whiskies that were 20 years and over. We snuck in a few under that for this edition and now get to taste something that Stuart had planned all along.

Malt Whisky Company Tobermory 1994 21 Year Old – Aged in a Bourbon Hogshead then transferred to and finished in an Oloroso Sherry Hogshead. Cask # 13 (which would have been the sherry). Bottled at a cask strength of 57.3% ABV.

Colour:     A little deeper tarnished gold look to it. The Sherry cask did not really impact with a ton of colour. I’m not sure how long it spent “finishing” in the Oloroso.

Nose:     Sherry influence here, warm forest berry compote and dried prunes. A waft of sea salt and white pepper.

Palate:     Full and complex right off the bat, some rich sherry flourishes of dried red fruit potpourri underpinned by creamy dark/milk chocolate blend. A little like the Swiss Milka brand of chocolate so creamy and melt in your mouth that once you opened a bar it was history. Not really get much in the way of that saltiness anymore.

Finish:     Drier than I would have expected from an Oloroso cask finish but very long and warming at cask strength. The fruit and creamy chocolate stay and run to the finish line.

Water:     Just a few drops and soft oh so softly she goes. The berry fruits sweeten up a touch and seem more like slightly over ripe rather than dried. The creaminess is there even more and the mouth melting chocolate note is more milk chocolate now than dark. The finish still lingers long with that peppery touch coming in right at the end. For me this one is perfect with the addition of water.


Good work again Stuart on a delicious cask from the Islands.

** Joshua Hatton give us his thoughts HERE

You can find one of the 60 bottles of this sherry infused Tobermory at the following retailers:


Coop Wine Spirits Beer

Zyn The Wine Market


Wine & Beyond

Vines of Riverbend

Bin 104

Interesting that on this day last year in the first edition we also visited the Islands with the 1992 Samaroli Sherry Glen Scotia in this blog #54

Tomorrow we are off to our last stop on another island that has it’s own region. I am really looking forward to it.

See you then…


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