Day 21 – A.D. Rattray Glentauchers 1992 | Blog #110

Today we revisit the focus of our comparison study in the 1st edition calendar. Glentauchers was close to being the favorite distillery last year and for good reason. All 3 expressions were really delicious and unique.

Glentauchers Distillery Glentauchers Distillery

Given the opportunity to do another single cask from this distillery was not to be passed up. Glentauchers was founded in 1897. Mothballed by United distillers in 1985 it was sold to Allied in 1989 and restarted malt production in 1991. In 2005 Pernod Ricard purchased it and almost 100% of it’s production now goes into the Chivas Brothers blends.

Normally extremely rare as a single cask bottling we have been lucky enough to find 4 casks in the past few years so hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

A.D. Rattray Glentauchers 1992 – 22 year old, aged in a Bourbon hogshead cask # 6042. Bottled at the ABV of 48.7%. Last year the A.D. Rattray Glentauchers was 18 years old and a sherry cask no doubt miles apart from the dram we are about to have.

Colour:     Still quite light for 22 years old perhaps the cask was a second fill. Pale gold.

Nose:     Ahh this promises to be right up my alley. A freshly opened tin of those icing sugar powdered fruit drops. Also some honey blossom and scented candle wax. This is delicate and takes some time. Nosing can sometimes be more than 50% of the whisky experience. White chocolate.

Palate:     Creamy white orange fudge, the cask strength is balanced as is, so no watering for me on this one. Amazing how often citrus is the dominant flavor in delicate whiskies. Especially with American Oak.

Finish:     Throat warming notes of subtle citrus while the creamy mouth feel continues. White chocolaty goodness there as well right to the end.

Yummy at cask strength. Feel free to write in with your watering notes as I unfortunately finished my bottle without adding a drop.

Last year on this day in the first edition we tasted the Wemyss Evergreen Forrest Cragganmore 23 Year Old. Blog #53

** Joshua Hatton give us his thoughts HERE

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4 days to go and tomorrow we go back to one of our new Independent Bottlers for a whisky from an entirely as yet unvisited region – exciting times.

Within sight of some special times with family and friends. I love this time of year and can hardly wait.

I look forward to your company tomorrow.


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