Day 20 – Wemyss Malts Aromatic Orange Tobacco Glenrothes 1988 | Blog #109

Here we are with our second comparison tasting of the calendar. You will remember back to day 11 and blog # 100 where we tasted the Glenrothes Kumquat Cluster. Well today we have an older Single Cask Glenrothes (sherry butt).

Given how rare Glenrothes is as an independent bottled expression I did not think when looking for 2 distilleries that we could use for double up comparison that this would be on the cards. Let alone both over 20 years old. Don’t know if you have any left or if you took notes on the Kumquat Cluster but it will be interesting to compare the two.

I already delved into the background of the distillery in blog 100 so lets just get stuck into the whisky. I must say given the name this was a whisky that I was really excited about (love a nice cigar).

Wemyss Malts Aromatic Orange Tobacco Glenrothes 1988 – 25 Years Old aged in a sherry butt cask # 420. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Colour:     Rich amber

Nose:     Aromatic…check, Orange….check, Tobacco…check. OK now that we have established that I agree wholeheartedly with the Wemyss team lets see if I can delve a little deeper. Reminds me of a Cognac barrel aged cigar I had last year. The Cognac residue really infused the cigar with hints of burnt caramelized orange. It was a medium bodied cigar and smelt inviting and amazing just like this whisky. An old wood crate full of mandarins. The old wood crate could be the sherry note chiming in but it is very subtle. I would think second fill cask used here. Good descriptive would be an old humidor.

Palate:     Viscous mouth feel like orange infused olive oil, plenty of rich citrus here and all deep, dark and condensed like reduction sauce. Some light peppery notes and very soft delivery. Feels like 40% not 46%.

Finish:     Continuing softly with lingering grilled rind with barely a touch of zest left. The easy tobacco is there as more of an earthy note.

Great after dinner dram. I would like to try this with a light bodied aged cigar. Delicate here was achieved by age and a sherry cask that did not overpower. Could definitely chill by the fire and coax an hour or two of enjoyment out of this one.

Joshua Hatton give us his thoughts HERE

Last year on this day in the 1st edition we tasted the Samaroli Glentauchers 1996 in blog #52

If you want a bottle of this then you had better hurry as only 6 came to Canada.

**They can be found only at the Wine and Beyond stores in Edmonton. (Sorry Calgary)

Well that was a treat and the oldest whisky so far. Tomorrow we head back to A.D. Rattray for a single cask of what was the most popular distillery in the 1st edition.

Until then, hope your Christmas plans are coming together.



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