Day 19 – Samaroli Miltonduff 1995 | Blog #108

7 Days and counting as we force ourselves to struggle through dealing with 20+ year old drams. 

Today’s 20+ is actually 20 Years Old and hails from the Miltonduff Distillery in Speyside. Miltonduff was established in 1894 on the site of the meal mill of Pluscarden Abbey which was built in 1236. An original stone from the Abbey makes up the foundation of the distillery. So awesome to have history dating back so far as part of a distilleries heritage.

Miltonduff Distillery Miltonduff Distillery

Changing hands several times it is now owned by Pernod Ricard (Chivas Bros) and most of the production goes into the Chivas and Ballantines (would have been part of the best whisky in the world a few years ago in 2011 in the infamous Whisky Bible) Blends.

I have had quite a few delicious expressions over the years and I have to agree with Homer Simpson “can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff”.

Samaroli Miltonduff 1995 – 20 Years Old aged in New American Oak at an ABV of 45%. Cask # 2848.


Colour:     Yep 20 years in new oak and its another Samaroli light colour pale gold.

Nose:     Savory notes, cardamom and caraway seeds, Some light fruit there too although more in the background, sun ripened Roma tomato (it’s a fruit you know). A touch of spicy ginger.

Palate:     Earthy subtle peat which I was not expecting, Rye toast & fennel infused butter.

Finish:     A delicate beast to get my mind around. Even on the savory side of the scale Samaroli still finds a way to make me think about it. Wet slate and cedar and warming all the way down. A tongue coating splash of fire roasted tomato which is a really delicious but unique flavor for me in a whisky.

Had to spend some mulling time over this one. Samaroli is not a get whisky quick scheme. It takes some quiet time and patience to get to the bottom of the whisky and the glass. Love it.

Joshua Hatton regales us with his insights on todays Samaroli HERE

Last year on this day we tasted the Wemyss Malts Spice King 12 Year Old Blended Malt in blog #51

If you also can’t get enough of this wonderful Duff then head on over to these retailers and grab one of the only 30 bottles available:


J. Webb Wine Merchants

Zyn The Wine Market


Andrew Hilton Wines and Spirits


Wine and Beyond

Tomorrow we are off to Wemyss Malts again for a whisky that is so rare we could only bring in 6, yep you heard me 6 full bottles. I hope not many of you like it.


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