Day 13 – Single Cask Nation Undisclosed Islay 2008 | Blog #102

Like a kid at Christmas, I promise you the excitement will build as we count down to day 25. 

Welcome to day 13 which is hump day for our 25 day journey. I hope you have all enjoyed the variety and unique flavors of the first half. Today we focus on Single Cask Nation. You will find an information page in the left hand door of your calendar giving you some background. This was a last minute entry into the selection this year and an opportunity to help these awesome guys launch their exclusive whisky club into Canada.

Head on over to the Single Cask Nation website and you can see what sort of awesome whiskies they have been bottling there.

Bottling not just Scotch whisky, Single Cask Nation has really shone bottling some really unusual American, Indian and Irish expressions as well. These guys just love great whisky aged in a Single Barrel. Check out their recent Jewbilee Festival bottling that I tasted here in blog #85

My apologies or cheers of jubilation (depending on your particular bent) for another Islay a mere 3 days after the last one as I left the cask choice up to the Nation for this slot – Day number 13 and their pick was from the famed Isle.

In an interesting side note with their whisky falling into day 13 (insert dramatic music here), we found that for some reason their cask only barely had enough whisky to fill the calendar bottles and so each wee 50ml is all the whisky you will ever be able to have from this cask.

There are two launch expressions available for budding club members but alas this Undisclosed Islay is not one of them. The only whisky in this edition to not have any full bottles available and sitting at number 13. Coincidence?

So onto the first official Canadian release for Single Cask Nation. 2008 Undisclosed Islay 7 Year Old bottled at a cask strength of 56.3% ABV and aged in a first fill Bourbon cask # 2112 – Region Islay – They got no more information than what is here and from what the whisky can tell. Write in with your guesses and thoughts on which Islay distillery this hails from.

2008 Undisclosed Islay Whisky from Single Cask Nation 2008 Undisclosed Islay Whisky from Single Cask Nation

Colour:     Pale Straw

Nose:     More smoke than either of the previous Islay offerings in this edition. Sizzling BBQ’d marinated pork with applewood smoking chips. I love to use smoking boxes on my Weber BBQ during the Summer months and this whisky makes me long for Summer once again. Normally Islay whisky is for me a Winter dram but I should get into drams like this one more often while tending the Weber. Topped off with some lovely floral characters that I normally associate with Spring time when our Mayday tree is blossoming.

Palate:     Sweetness in the form of caramel jonathan apples with a dusting of burnt sugar. Some background asphalt and rubber but not dominating. Smokiness throughout, wispy and tantalizing like a good medium bodied cigar with hints of pepper and sea salt.

Finish:     Very soft and pliable for full cask strength. I never felt at any time like reaching for water with this one. Mouth filling texture from top to bottom and lingering smoke and sweet pork and apple sauce. I am desperate for some BBQ now and scanning the internet for the closest BBQ restaurant. Don’t worry Nation guys, I’ll send you the bill  🙂

Really interesting to try 3 relatively young islays and having them all distinctively different. The Nation is not at all shy about bottling great younger whisky and in fact they deliberately seek it out for many of their bottling’s.

If you are interested in becoming part of this fledgling club in Canada then please head over to their website or drop into either of the two Single Cask Nation Ambassador stores in Canada. Unwined in Edmonton or Point McKay Wines and Spirits in Calgary and they can help you sign up.

The first two bottlings available before Christmas are a refill sherry Cooley Double Distilled 13 Year Old Irish Single Malt and a 10 Year Old Peated Tobermory (Ledaig). Be part of the Nation and get your self a membership for Christmas.

It will be interesting to see Joshua Hatton’s review today given that his partner Jason picked this cask.

Last year on this day we had the Wemyss Malts  Licorice Spiral Glentauchers 20 Year Old in blog #45

Tomorrow another offering from our Italian friends Samaroli.

So this whisky is not available anywhere but if there had been any left in the barrel would have been available from the following Single Cask Nation Ambassador stores:


Point McKay Wines and Spirits



Until then enjoy your rush out for mid winter BBQ night (maybe we will see you there)


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