A Word from our Sponsor | Blog #21

We apologize for this interruption to your regular programming. While we are working to restore normal service here is a word from our sponsors…

Secret Spirits.com in conjunction with Singlemalting.com proudly present

The Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar 1st Edition.

After two years and a long hard road we have been able to produce 400 limited edition numbered 1st Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendars available only in Alberta and Saskatchewan this coming fall.

25 days of whisky discovery winding your way through the hills and glen’s of Scotland covering Highland, Lowland, Speyside, Island and Islay.

Sourced from three great independent bottlers, A.D. Rattray, Samaroli and Wemyss, careful attention has been paid to write a 25 day whisky story that has lots of twists, turns and a few delicious surprises all culminating in a climactic finish.

Daily blogs starting December 1st 2014 and continuing through till Christmas Day will encourage a real feeling of community for those lucky enough to either purchase or receive this 1st edition. Throw down the gauntlet to your fellow calendar holders and claim your favorite. Are you a peat head or does honey and heather turn your crank?

Share the joy of discovery everyday and connect with your exclusive band of fellow whisky enthusiasts.

As we head into the fall we will be updating the website weekly with news on the progress of the calendars. To kick things off we can let you know that this coming week the precious whisky has arrived to be bottled in Scotland along with the detailed labels that will give you a ton of information about each whisky. Cask number, Age, Year of Distillation, Region and Cask type are all noted.

For pricing and pre-orders please contact the various retailers as listed on the Secret Spirits website as these 400 limited edition calendars will be sold out fast.

Next week, I promise that the NAS whisky tasting will happen and appreciate your patience.

I hope to see you joining in as part of the Calendar Community in December. It’s going to be a lot of fun.



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