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What Do I Know About Whisky??? | Blog #1

Welcome to Singlemalting.com the passionate whisky soaked Blog, where craft and innovation meet history and tradition.

It’s the dawn of a new whisky age and some of us are being dragged kicking and screaming while others are running ahead eager for a taste of the sparkling future. Why should those with feet firmly rooted in deep rich history embrace those, that having tasted that glorious past are renewed and emboldened by new complexities and imaginings that whisky dreams are made of.

Every one of you that are reading this Blog have in some way been seduced by the incredibly complex, mind altering, palete stimulating, thought provoking splash that is at it’s base definition “booze in a glass” (or hip flask for the truly addicted). Come with me on a journey through time and place as I delve into topics that will stretch you and perhaps change how you think about one of life’s simple pleasures.

Who am I and why would you want to listen to me?

A short ten years ago I remember uttering the words “the good stuff will be wasted on me”. At the time an Aussie freshly transplanted to Canada my experience with “the water of life” was limited to a few drams of Chivas Regal and little else.

My generous host brushed aside my self depreciation and insisted on something “special”. As the golden nectar touched my tongue my response was………… um……….interesting. (my subdued comment was given with what was supposed to be a warming smile but most likely looked like a barely concealed grimace).

Sacrilege you say…….

Seasoned as many of you are, potentially even jaded after years of whisky experience under your belt, I ask that you come along with me on this journey with renewed eyes. One axiom that I hold to, and many of you that know me have probably heard me utter. “Single Malt is the most diverse spirit on the planet”.

So lets just start there and let the story unfold as we explore all facets of this wonderful drink from as many different angles as we can. Hopefully we can help each other to bring new light and fresh perspective to a very old bias.

What was that “special dram” you might ask offered to me all those years ago?…. Special to some and an every day dram to many, Lagavulin 16 has touched a great many lips, drawing some to fall ever deeper in love and pushing as many away with their first taste of “reek”.

In these blogs, some text, some video and some audio I will endeavor to stir excitement, controversy, passion, argument and contemplation.

I look forward to the ongoing repartee as every week we look at this simple little concoction and all it offers.

As we kick this off think about this question, “What was my first recollection of a Whisky?”. Send in your comments and be honest, was it a mind blowing life changing experience or underwhelming? Was it a first love or just a one night stand?

Next week’s Blog is entitled “Stop and smell the Mango’s”

Until then, I look forward to hearing about your first whisky experiences in the comments below, good and bad.


Jonathan Bray


  1. Wee Rock Whisky Club says:

    My first memorable experience of whisky, like many a young boy, was framed around my father’s whisky cabinet. I remember his returning from the UK with three small bottles of something that looked beautiful, but was in all ways unpronounceable – Glenmorangie finished in port, sherry and burgundy. I gazed at those bottles without tasting a single drop, but was mesmerized by the fire within the glass, which in turn became the fire within me.

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