Advent Day 18 – Samaroli 1994 Braes o’ Glenlivet 19 Year Old Single Malt | Blog #50

Blog #50!!! Wow … where does the time go?

Braes o’ Glenlivet or Braeval is located high (relative term) in the secluded hills overlooking the town of Glenlivet. It’s name changed in 1995 to avoid confusion with it’s more well known neighbor Glenlivet Distillery. It was built in 1972 by Seagram’s to provide whisky for the Chivas Regal blends.

Only seen through independent bottlings this distillery has never had it’s own Single Malt label.

Whisky: Samaroli 1994 Braes o’ Glenlivet 19 Year Old
*Cask # 165658 American Oak – 45% Speyside non-chill filtered*

Colour: Toohey’s New (light amber) – make sure to blast me in the comments for all these obscure Aussie references.
Nose: Honey nut granola splashed with fresh creamy milk topped with some fresh peach slices.
Palate: This is almost a bouquet to palate mirror. Lots of honey nut cereal notes with fresh bursts of fruit intertwined with soft cream.
Finish: Lovely balanced whisky that lingers so nicely on the tongue. This is delicate and delicious whisky at its best.

Water: Go easy as this was already really balanced. A tiny drop seemed to just heighten slightly the cereal note.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

Braes o’ Glenlivet is like a lot of Speyside distilleries that produce only for blends. Gorgeous light complex flavor that should be available as a Single Malt on a regular basis.

I can see a pattern with the Samaroli whiskies so far in American Oak. They want the lighter whiskies to be treated gently and to also be bottled at reduced strength to balance their easy complexity. For those that love the nuance and character of these extremely fine and elegant Single Malts Samaroli is the bottler to look for.

Only 24 bottles of this whisky are available unfortunately. Grab them from the following retailers:


J. Webb Wine Merchants
Crowfoot Wine and Spirits
Aspen Wine and Spirits
Willow Park Wine and Spirits


Ingredients Artisan Market

I still have this delicious whisky lingering on – yummo!

So onto another Friday and a chance to cut loose for the last weekend before Christmas. Speaking of Christmas tomorrow’s dram will fit the bill nicely.

See you then …



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