Advent Day 19 – Wemyss “Spice King” 12 Year Old Blended Malt | Blog #51

Ahhh … Friday one of the most favored day’s of the week.

Today we try the last of the range of yummy blended malts from Wemyss with their “Spice King” Very in keeping with the Christmas spirit as it is certainly the time for all sorts of warm and memory evoking spices.

Whisky: Wemyss “Spice King” Blended Malt 12 Year Old 40%

“Spice King” 12yo

Colour: Rich Amber

Nose: Mulling spices and wine heating over an open fire.

Palate: Christmas spices like Cinnamon, ginger, clove, anise and nutmeg boiled into a light Christmas fruit pudding topped with a smoky dram and set alight. I have done this before and it tasted just like this πŸ™‚

Finish: Nice soft finish continuing with lingering spice and smoke.

Water: Nope at 40% this is good to go for me.

I must say for the price I am very pleased with the Wemyss line of Blended malts. Very nicely balanced and just delicious to drink. All three of them have been well in keeping with the portraying flavor profile on the label.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notesΒ HERE.

The initial 60 bottles will be available by checking this link at Liquor Connect:

and also in …


Ingredients Artisan Market

We’re hitting the weekend proper with only 6 more sleeps till Christmas day. I can promise that over the next 6 days that we have a star studded line up of whisky hiding behind those little cardboard numbers.

Tomorrow we start with the third installment of a little theme within this years calendar that will be sure to get your attention.Β 

Enjoy your Weekend. Get out and see some Christmas lights and maybe do some sledding with the kids or have fun with some last minute Christmas shopping.

This is a magical time of year and too often we are so busy that we miss the fun little things. So slow down and spend some time appreciating all the amazing blessings you have in your life.

See you tomorrow …


Wemyss Malts Website

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