Advent Day 16 – Wemyss “Pastille Bouquet” 1998 Mortlach Single Malt | Blog #48

Today its Wemyss turn again with a lovely 15 Year Old Mortlach.

Mortlach was built on a known site used for illicit distilling in the early 1800’s. In 1823 it received an official license and became the first legal distillery in Dufftown. One of the best kept secret’s of the Diageo beverage giant Mortlach is used mostly for Johnnie Walker. As a Single Malt Mortlach has been released in the Rare Malts range and through independent bottlings but does not have an ongoing proprietary label outside of these select few offerings.

Whisky: Wemyss “Pastille Bouquet” 1998 Mortlach single malt

*Cask # 5402 – Bourbon Hogshead – Speyside 46% alcohol non-chill filtered*

Colour: Washed Gold

Nose: Definite sweet start like holding your nose over a bowl of sugar covered soft chewy Jubes this I think is the Aussie version of pastilles. A jumble of fruit characters here.

Palate: Deepening flavor with a touch of sugar coated coffee bean after a particularly creamy latte.

Finish: Flourish of full cream and swirls of candied fruit.

Water: Softens the coffee effect and lightens the sweetness. Continues to linger on and is velvety smooth.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

The delicate nature of some of these flavor profiles require a bit more dedication to expanding our palate’s. As I mentioned earlier work out your palate and reap the rewards of amazing flavors that you have never even considered. Stick to the same narrow flavor range and you will miss out on the abundant expanse of incredible diversity that your little taste buds can pick up. Use the axiom stop and smell the flowers and always try anything that you have not tasted before – at least once.

The retailers that have this delightful Mortlach are the following – only 60 bottles:


Vine Styles

Kensington Wine Market

Coop Wines and Spirits


Andrew Hilton Wines and Spirits

Spruce Grove

Liquor on McLeod


Ingredients Artisan Market

Tomorrow we re-visit a distillery from a different perspective and cask type through a different bottler. I hope you left just a tiny amount of the first example so you can compare (highly doubtful 🙂 )

See you then …


Wemyss Malts Website


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  1. Chad Yaeck says:

    had a harder time pulling nose and flavors from this one
    candied fruit nose
    light coffee with cream on palate which lingers

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