Advent Day 10 – Wemyss Lord Elcho 15 Year Old Blended Malt | Blog #42

Blended Scotch – a combination of Single Malt and Single Grain whisky is by far the driving force behind Scotch Sales worldwide. Mostly scoffed at by Whisky aficionados as raw and harsh, blended Scotch is seen as the drink for the masses providing an ok experience but nothing special.

Times my friends are a changing. With Single Malt stocks not able to keep up with demand no doubt you have seen an increase in price of your favorite dram lately. A new generation of “Premium” blended Scotches have hit the market to fill the gap.

These blended Scotches have much higher percentages of Single Malt than most and offer a delicious alternative at a reasonable price while still bearing an age statement.

Wemyss, like many independent bottlers, wanted to tap into this market with a premium blend of their own. It seemed fitting in taking you on a complete journey through all the different Scotch Styles in this 1st Edition that we touched down at least once on the Blended Scotch landscape. Certainly a premium 15 Year Old is a good place to make this stop.

Whisky: Lord Elcho 15 yo blended scotch whisky

*40% Alcohol – 40% Single Malt and 60% Single Grain*

Plenty of Sherried casks used.

Lord Elcho, 1721-1787, was the eldest son of the 5th Earl of Wemyss, one of the current company owners’ ancestors. Courageous and loyal, Lord Elcho was the commander of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army. After the Jacobites’ defeat at the battle of Culloden in 1746, Elcho was exiled to France – never to return to his native Scotland.

Colour: Golden with polished copper tinges

Wemyss Wemyss “Lord Elcho” 15yo

Nose: Ginger brandy snaps filled with fresh cream and crisp toffee apple fresh from the small town fair, midway candy vendor.

Palate: Salted creme caramel, just a hint of spicy sandlewood reminding me of my visit to Mysore south of Bangalore in India. Those sandlewood shops were amazing and this little palate hit just took me right back there.

Finish: Rich milk chocolate rounds out a lovely long and balanced finish.

Water: No chance

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

This is a great example of the new generation of premium blends. Wemyss has created something elegant and decidedly delicious.

For those of you that never think about blends. For the sake of your wallets you might need to take note of premium blends like Lord Elcho for your every day dram.

You can find Lord Elcho by clicking on the link below and entering your postal code or city. Only 60 bottles available initially, however we will continue to bring small amounts of this delicious premium blend to market.


Buy Lord Elcho here.


Ingredients Artisan Market

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for one of my favorite whiskies.


Wemyss Malts Website


  1. Les SCHEELAR says:

    Delicious. Nose is caramel and almond. Flavour reminds me of soft creamy cocoa butter with a chardonney finish. Wonderful.
    Another adventure into a Scotch I’ve never heard of or had the pleasure of drinking. Ggreat one for sitting outside by the fire on a timid night

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      Loved having such a quality blend in the calendar this year as a showcase of what blends can be. Glad you enjoyed it Les.

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