Advent Day 7 – Wemyss “The Hive” Blended Malt | Blog #39

G’day Sport’s Fans

Nothing like a Lazy Sunday afternoon and a nice dram by the roaring fire relaxing with a good book or some vitally important sporting event on the telly taking you away from the stresses of the week.

I hope you are all able to spend some relaxation time as you taste through your 1st edition calendar. This time of year can be so amazingly hectic and crammed with stuff that you lose those moments of quiet contemplation over something delicious and warming.

Now that we have so aptly set the mood lets look at our whisky for today being Day no. 7 and the finale to our first full week of calendar treats.

Whisky: From Wemyss Malts we have “The Hive” 12 yo blended malt  at 40% alcohol.

Remember that a Blended Malt is a combination of 2 or more Single Malts.

Colour: Prehistoric amber (Jurassic Park reference)

Wemyss Wemyss “The Hive” 12yo

Nose: A full bouquet of aromas which bodes well for a 40% whisky. Indeed true to it’s name there are plenty of honey notes leading into dried apricot soaked in Grand Marnier.

Taste: Soft enveloping honeycomb wrapped in a layer of creamy milk chocolate, reminds me of Violet Crumble (Google it) only without the crunch. A spoon of granny smith apple pie filling with a dash of marmalade.

Finish: A very pleasant slightly bitter orange peel jumps into the mix and it all lingers nicely.

A very easy and approachable daily dram if you want a hit of sweet and creamy.

Water: none

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

These following retailers grabbed the initial 60 bottles of Hive to hit Alberta so go and seek them out if this has to be part of your whisky cupboard:

Liquor Connect

Back into the work week tomorrow and another Monday filled with possibilities. Lets hope we find something super delicious for everyone to get their week going.

See you then …


Wemyss Malts Website


  1. Johnny Fever says:

    Really enjoying the honey notes Jonathan. It’s interesting to contrast the whiskies with each other from day to day!

  2. Chad Yaeck says:

    lots of honey for me and the creamy milk chocolate realy comes around. The cream taste and feel hangs around nicely…

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