Advent Day 6 – Samaroli Tormore 18 Year Old | Blog #38

Day 6 and the first weekend of the month.

Today we discover Tormore 1995, 18 Year Old through the taste and expertise of Samaroli.

Tormore is styled as the “Pearl of Speyside” and begins the Speyside Whisky Trail experience. Built by renowned architect Sir Albert Richardson in 1958 Tormore is a stunning distillery. Note if you want to visit you will need an appointment.

The bulk of Tormore production goes into blends like Ballantine’s and Teacher’s and apart from a 12 year old Single Malt expression is rarely seen under it’s own label.

Whisky: Samaroli Tormore 18 yo single malt

*This expression of Tormore is a combination of two barrels Cask number’s 20260 and 20262. American Oak. 45% Non-Chill Filtered*

Upon finding out from Samaroli the actual bottling date we realized that we actually robbed this Tormore of a year of Age. It should read 19 years.

– so only those following along with this blog will know this little secret.

Samaroli Tormore 18yo Samaroli Tormore 18yo

Colour: Light for a 19 year old whisky – pale gold with just a hint of darker hue that adds a faint blush.

Nose: at 45% there is prominent rich spice and lush floral note, Hibiscus and cocoa.

Taste: Immediately palate filling and complex, sweet balsamic reduction and dried papaya infused honey on a date and fig West Coast Crisp.

Finish: Long and balanced. the alcohol volume seems to really complement the flavours and finishes with just a touch of dark chocolate.

Water: I love that Samaroli has their own convictions about the perfect way to bottle a particular whisky. You may or may not agree with it but I can see where they are coming from and so I did not add any water. Please try a splash if you prefer as I mentioned at the start there is no right or wrong amount of water, just what is right for you.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

So far we have definitely had a bit of a Speyside heavy trip. This is to be expected as it is the heaviest concentration of distilleries in Scotland. The fun part of having a lot of Speyside whiskies to choose from is that there are a lot that we rarely see that truly produce amazing Whisky.

Only 30 bottles of this excellent Tormore are available from the following retailers:


Vine Styles

Willow Park Wines and Spirits


Ingredients Artisan Market

What can we conjure up for a relaxing Sunday afternoon dram tomorrow …

I look forward to seeing you then

So after 6 whiskies what are your favorites so far? Lets get some more comments going.

Do you agree with my assessment or think that I’m just a crazy Aussie in a kilt and what would I know?

The great thing about whisky is that it affects everyone differently as we are all unique creatures and have our own distinctive palates.


Samaroli Website


  1. Chad Yaeck says:

    The floral note, Hibiscus nose was there for me, but the balsamic reduction was very interesting for me as it struck as soon as I read Jonathan’s description of it; although I don’t think I would have noted it without the help.

    My favourites so far are the first two; the Wemyss Citrus Burst and the AD Rattray Aultmore. I like them like I like desserts; sometimes I love lighter citrus and tangy desserts and sometimes I want to go more for heavier chocolate and salted caramels etc. Isn’t that the reason if one drinks whisky long enough it goes from having a bottle around for company to having ones own whisky library to have a choice of many to suit a particular mood or situation.

    Fantastic ride so far Jonathan and Cindy…

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