Advent Day 3 – “Samaroli Spey” 1993 21 Year Old Single Malt – Cragganmore | Blog #35

Welcome back whisky pilgrims.

Day 3 and we are still riding the Speyside train.

Today’s offering is from Italian Independent bottlers Samaroli. Rarely bottling at cask strength Samaroli prefer to define their take on the perfect balance for any cask.

Whisky: “Samaroli Spey” 1993 21 yo single malt

*Single Cask Number 1974 – American Oak – 45% non chill-filtered*

Cragganmore is a Speyside Distillery established in 1869. The site had a plentiful supply of fresh water flowing down nearby Craggan Mor.

Seen as part of the Classic Malts range as the Speyside expression, Cragganmore has become a standard for many Single Malt enthusiasts.

Samaroli 1993  Spey 21yo Samaroli 1993  Spey 21yo

Colour: Polished 14 carat gold

Nose: Full floral character, like sticking your face into a big bouquet of lavender and orange blossom

Taste: Sweet wildflower honey with a palate freshening spearmint and a touch of salted butter.

Finish: Delicate yet complex this is one lovely whisky and continues to gently evolve on the palate weaving continued sweet floral flourishes (say that 5 times fast).

21 years in American Oak have molded this whisky into a balanced beauty. What other drink can marry sweet floral notes with time induced complexities and still retain fresh and sparkling flavors.

Water: Seemed perfect as is…

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

After 3 days of Speyside we have already seen a huge diversity of flavors across different barrel choices, distilleries and alcohol volume influences. Speyside is the largest whisky region in terms of distillery count for a good reason. If you are not already convinced about why whisky is truly amazing we still have 21 more days to break you down.

I don’t want to spoil any surprises but tomorrow the Scotland whisky tour moves on from Speyside. Grab your lifejacket as we jump on the ferry and head to ………

For those that absolutely adored this delicate and lovely Cragganmore from Samaroli the following retailers will be happy to help you out with one of the 30 bottles available.


Willow Park Wines and Spirits


Sherbrooke Liquor Store


Ingredients Artisan Market

See you all on day 4 …



Samaroli Website


  1. Scott Gillespie says:

    Well, that was different. Good but different. I can’t quiet find the words to describe what I am experiencing in the nose in this one… clearly more practice needed!! A question for you sir about the technique of "smelling" the whiskey… would a person typically try to draw a sniff from inside the glass or give it a chance to escape above the rim before taking it in?

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      I normally approach a whisky gently just in case especially if it is at a higher strength. If it is a delicate whisky then you can find that you can get your nose right in there. Try moving the glass around to different positions. A little bit of time spent on the "nosing" is a good thing.

  2. Les SCHEELAR says:

    Definitely floral nose. Wonderful
    Soft dry and subtle. Well balanced. Can’t make out any distinctive flavours even with a drop of water but finish reminds me a little of salted nuts. Delicious

  3. Noonan says:

    Wow what a surprise with this one. I am getting honey strongly and the first thing I wrote in my notes, and some floral as you mentioned. The big draw for me is the salted butter. I get such a whiff of what the house smelt like when Grandma used to make pie. That buttery pie crust smell won’t leave my mind.
    I love how much the taste of this scotch coated my mouth, and almost got a leathery rind like quality. Awesome and a real treat to taste.

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      G’day Bill,

      Flavor wheels can be really helpful and even nosing kits can help to establish specific smells. I kind of just go with what comes to mind. Remember if you smell it or taste it then it’s there.

  4. Chad Yaeck says:

    The nose on this one really grabs me and pulls me to the little hard candies my grandmother always seemed to have around. A sweet candied floral taste. Initially not my favourite candy but addicting in its own way. I could never seem to get enough when around them…

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