Advent Day 2 – A.D. Rattray Aultmore 2007 7 Year Old Single Malt | Blog #34

Day 2 of our 25 day journey.

Open up your calendar and find alcove No.2. Pop it open and grab your wee dram.

Whisky: A.D. Rattray Aultmore 2007, 7yo single malt.

A.D. Rattray love to bottle at cask strength and allow you to play with as much or as little water as you feel is needed.

*Single Cask Number 900015 – Sherry Hogshead – 50% alcohol non chill-filtered*

Aultmore is a Speyside distillery built in 1895 and is Gaelic for “the big burn”. Aultmore’s production is used almost entirely for Dewar’s blends. Quite rare to find as a Single Malt, it is left to quality independent bottlers like A.D. Rattray to bring us this tasty distillery in it’s most delicious form.

A. D. Rattray 2007  Aultmore 7yo A. D. Rattray 2007  Aultmore 7yo

Colour: Tawny brown with a faint blush of red like a good English Pale Ale

Nose: Sea salted caramel infused white chocolate.

Taste: Surprisingly soft for 50%, dark chocolate covered raisins with candied orange peel pieces.

Finish: Long and evolving with some French press coffee notes and a touch of cardamom.

This is a great example of how good a younger cask can be. Longer aging is not the defining influence on if a whisky can be balanced and delicious and this Aultmore has tons of character and flavor at a mere 7 years.

Water: Softening and developing into a chocolate covered blood orange creamsicle.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

Only 2 days in and I am already fully engaged with the quality of these casks. Remember that I am massively bias when it comes to these whiskies so:

feel free to throw in your own opinions and tasting notes. If you had tried this whisky blind I can guarantee that you would never have picked it at only 7 years old. This calendar journey is going to challenge some of the established whisky marketing axioms.

One of the exciting things about this ongoing Advent Blog is being able to connect as a calendar community and share ideas, favorites and especially honest critique.

The most wonderful thing about whisky is it has as much diversity to offer as people have favorite flavors.

You may not like every whisky in this years calendar but I can guarantee that there will be some that you will absolutely love.

So please get stuck into the comments section. Make sure you get your notes in the brochure and tuck it all away for another night.

For those that loved the Aultmore the following whisky loving retailers will be able to help you find one of the only 60 bottles available.


Varsity Wine Merchants

Silver Springs Liquor


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Ingredients Artisan Market

See you all tomorrow for day 3 …


A. D. Rattray Website


  1. Kaiser Bill says:

    Do you have a support group for those that can’t wait until after noon to try the scotch? Also how would you know what a "chocolate covered blood orange creamsicle" tastes like?!?! 🙂

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      G’day Bill,

      We have catered to those that suffer from your condition by adding a few "breakfast" whiskies to this years calendar as well. For my little taste buds that water infused taste conjured up that flavor profile. I have had chocolate covered citrus creamsicle’s before but never blood orange. Maybe Hagen Daas will bring one out 🙂 I will be sure to try and think up more obscure and imaginative tasting notes for future whiskies.

  2. Scott Gillespie says:

    Well, I can’t remember the last time I would have eaten a Cherry Blossom "chocolate bar" but the nose on todays whiskey to me right back. I can’t say as I liked them back then but I must have grown up as today’s treat was interesting and fine tasting.

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      That’s awesome Scott
      One of the great things I love about taste is that it can evoke so much memory of times past. Taking you back to a distant point in your past to remember a smell or taste is really what whisky is all about. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Johnny Fever says:

    Good evening all! I’m clearly a bit of a novice at Scotch tasting, although not so much of a novice at Scotch drinking☺ Any pointers are happily accepted. Definitely a marked difference between today’s whisky versus yesterday’s in appearance, nose and taste. After reading the label and seeing the sherry cask mentioned, I’m certainly noticing that in the bouquet. Also I’m finding this one to have a much fuller taste. Looking forward to tomorrow’s already!

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      G’day Johnny,
      Bottom line is if you taste it in the whisky then it’s there. Everyone has a different palate and whatever it is that comes to mind is all part of your experience regardless of what others find.

  4. David Humphrey says:

    Hi everyone, the launch tasting was excellent Johnathan, thank you! Got the carmel right away but it took a bit to get a chocolate. Never found the orange, but loved it all the same. Added just a bit of water at the end and enjoyed that even more.

  5. Chad Yaeck says:

    Wow love this one! I get every thing Jonathan mentioned as he walks us through the tasting which greatly adds to my novice appreciation. I also get a sense of caramelized banana in here initially. I love it when I get the chance to have someone like Jonathan who has the experience to walk me through the nose and tasting notes so I can get experience on how to describe that which I am tasting. What a fantastic thing you have put together here. Thank you Jonathan and Cindy!

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      I don’t know who is having more fun.. everyone that got a calendar or Cindy and I watching everyone enjoying it so much.

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