Advent Day 1 – Wemyss “Citrus Burst” Linkwood 1997 16 Year Old Single Malt | Blog #33

The day we have all been waiting for has finally dawned.

Welcome to the daily Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar tasting for those lucky 400 calendar holders.

If you have not done so already open up those doors and punch out the large calendar logo. Inside is a collector’s 1st Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar Spiegelau Whisky Tumbler.

My calendar is number 157 of 400 (what number do you have?)

Now find alcove No. 1 and punch that out and grab your first whisky.

Pull out the Calendar brochure from the left door and open it up to the tasting notes page.

Our first whisky is the Wemyss “Citrus Burst” Linkwood 1997 16 year old. Wemyss loves to distinctly advertise the predominant flavor profile on their whiskies which really makes picking that perfect bottling easy for everyone.

Just so there is no confusion Wemyss is not adding citrus to this whisky, the magic is that Barley can be transformed into an extremely wide array of flavors. Wemyss is just making it easy for you to identify the main character of each unique cask. Very cool.

*Single Cask number 7189 – Bourbon Hogshead. 46% alcohol non chill-filtered*

Linkwood is a Speyside Distillery that was built in 1821. The original Stone still house and pagoda topped malt house are still in use today. The majority of the Linkwood production is used for blends like Johnnie Walker and White Horse.

Wemyss Wemyss “Citrus Burst” Linkwood 1997 16yo

Colour: Very light almost like a crisp Sauvignon Blanc in appearance.

Nose: Lemon drop candies and fresh meringue – reminiscent of one of my favorite desserts Lemon Meringue Pie.

Taste: Mouth filling creamy zest developing into key lime pie.

Finish: Long and developing with a crusty sweet biscuit undertone.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notesΒ HERE.

I’m a sucker for citrus based dessert and this Wemyss expression of Linkwood has it in spades.

Watering: With a touch of water the zesty effect subsides replaced by a touch of tart grapefruit sprinkled with crushed macadamia.

**Curt from All Things Whisky has also been “Tasting” along with the calendar. Check out his notes HERE.

Finish writing all your notes in your brochure and close it all up until tomorrow if you keep up the tasting notes you will thank me later.

I look forward to seeing all those that are coming to the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar launch party this evening at Valley Ridge Golf Club as we open up several cases of this delicious malt and pair it with an outstanding array of awesome hors d’oeuvres put together by my good friend Peter Sowa executive head chef.

For those that can’t make it here is the menu you are missing out on:

-Mini Fish & (C)Ship – Cod with Adnams Ghost Ship Beer Batter

-Sweet & Sour Pork Belly with pickled Daikon & Chipotle Aioli

-Smoked Salmon Cones – with roasted garlic horseradish cream cheese, toasted caper flower

-Lamb Slider – Cilantro, Pretzel Bun, provolone cheese, Cask Islay BBQ sauce

**Not wanting to deprive anyone of the opportunity to own a full bottle of the 1st Edition calendar whiskies, Secret Spirits have made available a limited number of 700ml bottles.

Only 60 bottles of the Citrus Burst 1997 Linkwood are available.

Below are the awesome retailers that will help you add this to your collection.


Highlander Wine & Spirits

Crowfoot Wine & Spirits

Aspen Wine & Spirits

Silver Springs Liquor Store


Sherbrooke Liquor

Chateau Louis Liquor Store

Spruce Grove

Liquor on McLeod


Ingredients Artisan Market

Thanks for waiting till today to get stuck into your calendar. I have already heard stories of people having to lock theirs away for fear of succumbing to the temptation and busting it open early. See you tomorrow for Day 2 …


Wemyss Malts Website


  1. Jonathan Bray says:

    G’day everyone thought I would post the first comment to encourage everyone that is part of the calendar community this year to have your say. Tell us what you think of each whisky and for those lucky enough to come along to the launch party tell us about your experience. I look forward to some ongoing banter, discussion and even raving πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy the next 25 days. Cheers Jonathan

  2. Johnny Fever says:

    I just received my calendar this evening as a gift from my wife. Looking forward to a delicious December, one Scotch at a time. Off to a great start with this first whiskey. My pallette may not be sophisticated enough to detect the lemon meringue pie, however I am very much enjoying what must be the lightest coloured Scotch I’ve had.

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      G’day Johnny another wife that’s a real keeper (thanks all those wives and husbands out there that purchased a calendar for their significant other). It’s great to have you along.

  3. Pat 160 says:

    Nice light citrus nose. Burst of citrus on the taste. The finish is similar to biting into the zest of a lemon, slightly bitter but lingers nicely.

    Pat 160

  4. Les SCHEELAR says:

    Well, I just got this from my awesome wife as a pre Christmas gift. Very excited. I opened the first box and discovered the Wemyss. Never had anything from this site before. First thing I noticed was the bleached straw colour. Normally I enjoy the heavily peated Islay scotches but I enjoyed this one after dinner. Thought that I could taste a light honey citrus combination with a subtle oak finish. Didn’t seem to pick up the lime but the lemon was noticeable.Light but very nice after dinner.

    I have 67/400 and I’m excited to expand my palate with the rest of the community


  5. Scott Gillespie says:

    Off to a great start, enjoyed the first taste and looking forward to Day 2. Interesting to read the work that went into bringing this to life. Thanks! As for the tasting notes, light, fresh, definitely lemons and or lime.

  6. Les SCHEELAR says:

    Day 2
    Just opened the second day and discovered the 7 yr Aultmore. Caramel, sea salt and graphite
    Wonderful nose with a touch of water. Very nice for such a young malt. Can’t wait for day 3

  7. Pat 160 says:

    2007 Aultmore The nose was like a mint milk chocolate. Definite caramel, surprised with the 50 % a splash of water was to much.

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      Yeo everyone has their own take on how much water is perfect for them. Love the Mint milk chocolate nose thats awesome.

  8. Chad Yaeck says:

    Wow the lemon drop is right on!
    Launch party was well done Jonathan and Cindy, thanks for the invite. What a great way to kick off and get everyone involved with the calendar.
    Thank you Cindy and Jonathan for making the calendar available to us all. It is a stellar idea not to mention a fantastic way to introduce new whiskies to us all and to have them to compare side by side.
    My calendar is 398/400
    I am very excited to be involved with this!!!

    • Jonathan Bray says:

      Glad to have you aboard 398 and so great to see you at the launch have a fantastic December through this unique Advent experience.

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